Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Quickening

I was worried I wouldn't feel anything, or that I wouldn't recognize it when I did. I hit the 16 week mark on Monday, the point at which "sometime, over the next few weeks" I might start to feel a lil fetus moving around in my uterus.

I kept thinking I was feeling something.

But this morning, it actually did feel different. I know, I know they always say "oh, you'll know." But I was skeptical! I didn't know what I didn't know! I figured it would just feel like gas, but a little different.

It feels like...pop rocks, on the left side of my belly. Or like bubbles (ugh, just like they said it would). I don't know about a goldfish, but my friend described it as being "like the wingbeat of a butterfly but like if you swallowed it and now it's in your abdominal cavity", which is very accurate.

It happened this morning for about 5 seconds, and then this afternoon for a full couple of minutes. And it was totally trippy.

Bring it on, 2nd trimester! Bring. It. On.

And is it just me or does The Quickening sound like the name of a horror movie?