Saturday, June 16, 2012

Too many garden photos...

...but whatever. Let's take a little tour of the garden in its current state, shall we?

The Anise and California Poppies are doing
well. The tall poppies and anise shot up a
good 3-4 inches in the last week! A couple
of the poppies are smaller, and look weak,
but they have little flowers, so who knows?
The lemon tree was looking droopy and the
leaves were yellowing, which we realized
could be from overwatering. We are letting
it dry out a bit, and it seems to have perked
up a little in the last couple of days. 
The rose bush, which we staked to the wall
during my birthday garden party, is climbing
nicely. See it peek into the office window?
The little blue button (or whatever) flower
has a couple of little buds!
Tomato Row, with a giant freaking marigold.
Seriously, that thing has grown so tall and
has yet to falter -- it's like, freakishly strong!
Spinach is not looking so hot; it's still got
these dry spots, and a couple caterpillar
holes (though I think the caterpillars are
gone, after my spray down rampage). 
Squash is going nuts; it's huge and basically
taking over the middle of the garden (duh).
I counted 3 blossoms and a couple of buds!
Strawberries...oh strawberries...what
happened? After the squirrel stole the 3 berries
that were showing up, it just hasn't looked good.
Slightly blurry beans. Some yellowing leaves, but otherwise
they look good. It's going to be time to tie them to the
fence soon. How long before we get beans?
Oh sweet peas. I'm sorry I planted you behind
the tomatoes and the tomatoes grew faster
than you did. I don't know if I can save you. 
Parsley looks good, with a random flower
that popped up in the middle (see the purple
dot?). Tomatoes and basil behind! Nasturtium
popping up through the fence, naturally. 
Cucumber plant leaning towards the sun. I don't know how
this one's going to do, honestly. It's not growing at nearly
the same speed as the squashes (squash? today we decided
that the plural of squash should be squosh) are, though it
gets almost the same amount of sun (I think. Less, but I don't
think a LOT less).
The rainbow chard is coming back from its
caterpillar disaster, but not as quickly as I'd
like it to. Come back, rainbow chard!
The kale is doing well, though the leaves are
pretty narrow? Narrower than the ones you get
at the store, I think? Still, they are strong and
grew back well after I picked a bunch last week.
You can kind of see the peppers behind/to the
right of the kale, which are getting taller but
I have no idea if/when we'll get peppers. 
Garden overview shot. Sunflowers to the right, standing tall.

Note: I took these pictures before watering, so everything looks pretty dry. Any questions about my garden? Advice about the spinach (or anything else)?  Let me know!  :)