Friday, March 30, 2007

A Few Short Things

  1. This Invention is very strange. Give yourself a hug.
  2. This website is really cool. Happy hour for everyone.
  3. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are my favorite couple of all time. I love them, I love them, I love them. When I found out they were married in real life and not just on Arrested Development (do you capitalize TV show titles? i should know that.), I was very, very happy. Seeing them together in Blades of Glory tonight made me even happier. They are awesome, and I could go on forever but I won't. I have a life, I swear.

It's late, and I'm trying to get tired by watching SNL. Maybe I should just get in bed. Goodnight.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

TGIF, Mate

Is "TGIF, Mate" from something, or just from my head? I feel like some Australian guy says it in a movie. I'm probably making the whole thing up. Oh well.

Some tasty tidbits to up the fun factor of your Friday:
  • My friend Amy from UCLA is working on this neat journalism project at NYU, and I thought I'd share.
  • Today, Daily Candy sent me something that I feel bad laughing at. But I mean, come on. These models look way too happy to be wearing the spandex equivalent of a potato sack; maybe they're all Mormons. That would make sense. I'd say Orthodox Jews, but I think the colors are too bright. The reason they created this line of swimwear is to have swimwear that "highlights the face, rather than the body." That could only come from a conservative religious group if you ask me. Oh, and one of the colors of the spandex undersuit thing is called "night song." That's not even a color, but who am I to judge? Either way, Daily Candy's description of the dress-version says that "the Slimming Swimmer creates that sleek killer-whale silhouette you've been coveting." Sleek killer-whale silhouette? I don't know 'bout you, but I sure don't want to look like a beached whale this summer. This comment makes me think they don't take this product seriously either--or at least that they don't have the good taste to advertise it without mocking it. I don't know, man. I don't want to wear Wholesome Wear to the beach. Think of the Wholesome Tan you'd end up with! Oy. Also, check out the picture Daily Candy used as the image for their Wholesome Wear article--can we say anorexic girl in teeny weeny bikini? There's something wrong here...
  • "Doin' the dance, the Karl Rove dance." For the love of all that is holy, watch this.
  • Sara Bareilles has a concert on my birthday at the Fillmore in San Francisco. So exciting. May 10, 2007. If you're in the Bay Area, you should be there. Tickets go on sale April 1st - that's this Sunday. Go here for information. Tickets are only $18.50 and you can order from the box office on Sundays and avoid fees.
  • Just read an article about this new caffeinated alcohol stuff that is causing some controversy, since it appears to be marketed towards teens. The company, Spyke (an Anheuser-Busch company), says they're promoting it to "contemporary adult comsumers," and say you have to be 21 to even look at their website. Um, here's the do you prove you're 21? Oh, you type in your birthday? Gee, nobody under the age of 21 is smart enough to do the math and type in a fake birthday. Certainly not the underage poster on their message board who boasts "Look at me under 21!!! And logged in! What security!!" I agree with another poster, that it's not totally different from the mini bottles of other kinds of hard liquor sold at stores, with the exception that this alcohol is packaged like candy, with bright colors and sugary names like Hot Chocolate and Spicy Lime. Underage drinking will probably always be an issue, and I don't think it's going to skyrocket because of these 2 0z. bottles, however appealing they are to teens. I mean, these teenagers are already doing vodka and tequila shots and chugging beer. It's not like this is the first product of its kind. And as an over-21 year old, I have to say, while I won't be toting these things around in my purse, at $0.75-$1.00 each, I'd probably pick them up for a party.
  • In somewhat unrelated news, Paris Hilton might go to jail for reckless driving. (if it had been drunk driving, that would have been an almost-lovely transition there...) Driving with a suspended license? I'm pretty sure she'll weasel her way out of jail time...
  • Mae Laborde might just be the coolest 97 year old lady there is.
That's all for now, folks. Happy Weekend -- and be on the lookout for Awesome Passover Blogging: coming soon to a blog near you...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Things That Annoy Me:
  • When an apartment listing posted on craigslist says it has a photo, but the photo is an image of the realtor's logo (cough cough, David+ Co. Realtors cough cough). Come on, you know that's not what we all expect when we select the option to only see listings with photos! Duh. I mean, really.
  • The fact that I can't stop looking at apartment listings on craigslist, even though I'm not going to move into a new place until August. That's 4 months away, people!
  • Not knowing.
  • Job hunting and apartment hunting, when I know I won't be able to start working or move in somewhere till August, which sounds very far away. Hopefully someone will love me and hire me and just save a job for me till then (yeah right). Or maybe I should just not really apply myself till May. Am I planning too far in advance? Who me?
Things That I Like:
  • Making lists. Bullet pointed lists in particular.
  • this article from It definitely was the sole inspiration for my Spend No Money budget, which will begin on April 1st. No April Fools here, folks. I'm really excited about the money I'll save by only buying what I absolutely need, with a tiny bit of leeway here and there, carefully budgeted at the beginning of the month. Also, my plan is to keep a (short) list of what I'm saving for as motivation. In this case, I'm saving for the first month's rent and security deposit on the apartment I'll move into, as well whatever furniture I can't find for free on craigslist. I know it's a lofty goal, and I probably won't save $2,000, but I've got about $400 saved right now, and it can only go up from there!
  • this article that Kirsten posted on myspace. The Creation Museum. Adam and Eve and Dinosaurs. The Grand Canyon and Noah's Ark. Disturbing.
  • Google. I'm trying not to put the google on a pedestal or anything, and I'm definitely not putting all my google eggs in one google basket, but the more I hear the more I love. Except for the bits people tell me about working 14 hour days and such. Which I for some reason refuse to believe until I hear it from google people. And I don't think I'd mind an hour commute if I were riding on a luxury shuttle, complete with wireless internet access and comfy leather seats. googlicious.
  • Trader Joe's. I miss you, TJs. It's been over a week since I've seen you (not counting when I accompanied my mom on Sunday). It's been over a week since I've bought my delicious Trader Joe's snacks. I'm feelin' it now, cause I'm about at the end of my food stash at the house...good thing I'm going home this weekend. And good thing I'm getting paid on Friday, so I can do my (not more than I need) stocking up next week! I can't wait till the TJs opens up on College. Oh man.
That's all for today, I think. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just For Funsies

I just re-read my post from last night, and thought of two things.

  1. I am not a reality TV junkie. Ok, well maybe I am a little, but only on Monday nights. And if I'm feeling bad about myself or something--watching stupid pretty people does something for your ego, I'm telling you. Also, when I go on and on about the superficial drama that is somehow completely and totally engaging, please know that it is all in irony. Well, mostly. I'm not saying I'm all high and mighty and above this sort of thing, and it's not like I actually care if Spencer and Heidi move in together or not, but come on. These are my stories! I don't know if these reality soap operas (because come on, that's what they are) are any less embarrassing than, say, All My Children or Passions or something like that, but I do know that I love them for what they are. Escapism. Ego-boosting. Entertainment. Plus I like the fact that my friends back in LA party at the same places the silly girls on The Hills do. It makes me laugh. And I feel SO almost famous. Not.
  2. Did anyone besides me watch the Law and Order: SVU Master Class parody thing on SNL? It's the episode with Jake Gyllenhaal. It's amazing. I love Amy Poehler, and I love SVU. And it is awesome. I looked for it forever online, but silly old NBC took it off youtube. SO, when it was on TV the other night, I grabbed my digital camera and took a video of it. That's right. I now possess a (rather shoddy quality) copy of it. Recorded via digital camera video function from my TV. I am so cool.
  3. Unrelated: I'm still in JobSearch mode. And it's incredibly likely that I will not be ready to start work until the end of July. So...if you know of anything opening up around then, sweet. I'm hoping something works out with Google, but you never know. I never know. Nobody knows. Also, I'll be looking for a place to live (alone--no more roommates, please!) starting in August. Preferably in Berkeley. If you're moving out at the end of the summer, let me know. I'm looking for a studio/one bedroom around $700-800 a month.
  4. Another Unrelated: check out It will change your life. Or maybe not, but I think it's cool.
Happy Tuesday, everyone. May your days be sunny and bright.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Post #21! Finally Legal!

or something. What if my blog got special privileges for having 21 posts? Like, you're 21 posts old! If you get carded, you can still get into the Cool and Exclusive Blogger Club? Or drink Blogtails (cocktails for blogs)? Or...well I guess that's it.

Bec posted this story on facebook and it made me really happy. Especially that line about Law and Order. Especially if it's Special Victims Unit. Not so much "Regular" or "The Other One. " Those are just not as good. Don't even get me started. Does this mean I have no life?

I have a terrible sickness. It's a sickness for MTV (which, by the way, the M in MTV is way outdated. Where's the music these days?) reality shows. I am watching something called The Ex Factor right now. It's awful. Exes go to a resort for spa-things and bonding, while their current significant others spy on them (and apparently spend all day drinking), watching as they rekindle their relationship. Basically, the point of the show is to get ex girl/boyfriends to cheat on their current girl/boyfriends. Oh, and the current significant others can totally hook up with each other, since they're watching their lovahs hook up. Until they can't take watching being cheated on on their closed circuit TVs anymore and they turn it off so they can hook up. Oh, and everyone is drunk the whole time. In the end, hopefully the exes get back together, and the newly brokenhearted hook up with each other. And everyone is good and hungover. And kind of sad. And dripping with cliches. A good idea for a show, right?

But the quote of the night comes from The Hills, when Heidi tells Spencer she doesn't want to move in with him: "Well, my answer is no." "Well, my answer is get out of my car." His reply is so stereotypical-LA-jerk-party-guy that it makes me embarrassed to be from LA. Well, not really, but Spencer is a jerk. And Heidi should just move in with him so she and Lauren will finally not be friends anymore because she always just screws Lauren over anyway, and she's better off without Heidi, I mean seriously.

Ok. That's over. My moment of stupid reality TV gossip is over. But honestly, fake LA people are so annoying.

Like, for reals.

For too many awesome things to even quote, check out this homestarrunner video that Taylor sent me. It's short, so watch the whole thing. It's so awesometown. No, not the Awesometown. Just awesometown. As in, it rules.

And I'm out.

Musings on a Sunday Night

...or I guess on a Monday morning, as it's 12:08am.

The 10 Brief Musings:
  1. Nicole gave me her old digital camera to replace the one that disappeared! What a nice sister :)
  2. I did not knit at all this weekend at home, though I brought TWO projects with me.
  3. I applied to 4 (count them 4!) Administrative Assistant jobs at Google today.
  4. I love Google.
  5. My dad made amazing steak tonight.
  6. Google is really neat.
  7. Airports (and airplanes) make me feel dirty, and not in a good way.
  8. The high school production of Thoroughly Modern Millie that my sisters were in this weekend was excellent. And I say that even after seeing it twice in one day.
  9. I had an adventure with a deflating air mattress on Friday night. It was not all that fun.
  10. It's Sunday night (or Monday morning) and I need to go to bed. It's past my bedtime.
This was a short blog post, but I'm sure y'all were ready for that at this point. Y'all?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Had No Idea...

There is actually something called the National Association of Professional Organizers, and they have a Bay Area chapter. I might have to seriously look into this...I've always joked that I should go into a career of helping people get organized, but maybe it's actually something to think about!

As for JobSearch2007, who knows? I have just come to the realization (like, yesterday) that dramaturgy/literary management may not be for me. It's a long story, and full of exciting Twists and Turns and Life Journey Type Things, but to sum it up: I realized that the reason I have been feeling "bored" or "uninterested" or "uninspired" or "like I'm missing something here" lately is because I just don't have the passion for this work. I like some aspects of the job, but I'm not excited about it; I don't get a rush out of discovering a gem of a playwright or thinking about the interconnectedness of world events and theatre. Don't get me wrong, this is all interesting stuff. But it seems I am not nearly interested enough to enjoy it all day long, much less make a career out of it. That "thing" that I felt I didn't know how to do, or that I felt was missing, was the passion. Good to know, eh?

So, where do I go from here? I've thought a bit about short-form writing (such as magazine or newspaper columns), editing, proofreading, etc. as well as arts foundation work, like maybe doing something for the city arts council. Maybe something for the SF Ballet? Maybe something in a museum? As of now, I want to stay in the arts, it's just a matter of what kind of job in the arts I might like to do...right now I might take an office job in Some Unidentified Good Company Somewhere (the SF ballet? an environmental something or other? some non-profit that provides low income housing?) to pay the bills while I experiment in freelance writing or starting an organization business.

As always, any ideas?

My camera is still missing, by the way. Sad face.

Webthings of interest for your Tuesday:
  1. From the OgMog Blog: cities are making the homeless even more uncomfortable. I like OgMog not just for their perspectives on all sorts of issues and topics, but for their uncanny nack for linking to other interesting articles.
  2. Also from OgMog: the infinite photo mosaic. I had trouble accessing it on my Mac, but as at least a few of the OgMog Bloggers are known Mac users, I'm sure I just have to download something and it'll work fine. It looks really cool.
  3. This article in The Onion made me laugh.
  4. Not really a webthing, but Ben Karlin is a cool guy. Check out this interview from NPR entitled "The Fake News Career of Ben Karlin." (PS: he's the guy that co-created The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, and edited The Onion)
And that's all, folks.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

I hate the phrase "a case of the Mondays." It irritates me. However, I totally understand how some Mondays just feel like they should be locked in a case. Forever. I know that's not what the phrase means, but that is the only acceptable way of thinking of it, as far as I am concerned. Ok, I don't even know what I'm talking about at this point. The Point is...sometimes Mondays just suck. So do Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and yes, even Saturdays. But sometimes, even if Sunday is lame as well, the sun is shining and you can pretend it's not. For a little bit.

And on Monday, you can decide to put your best foot forward and try to force the next week into something better.

Here are some interesting websites I have found, or that have been shown to me, in the last few days that I feel might just make your Monday start off right.

  1. Knitted Food. Thanks, Josh, for this inspiring (not really) look into the world of knitted food. The Japanese really have thought of everything. Not that I haven't seen this in the USA. These super-advanced-knitters are the same everywhere. A little bit crazy.
  2. High Tea in Vegas. I have recently decided (on more than one occasion) that I need to go to Vegas. I haven't been there since I went with my family when I was, like, 12 (or maybe 14, I don't really remember). I'm almost 23. I missed the obligatory "I turned 21 and I'm in Vegas, baby!' trip. Now, I don't really gamble and I don't really drink. "Why Vegas?" you ask. It just seems like fun. And who doesn't want to get away for a weekend of all-you-can-eat buffets and free drinks in the casino? Also, my cousin lives there, and I never see her. Also, I totally want to go to this high tea. Sounds totally worth the $35. Mostly. So, if anyone wants to take me to Vegas, or wants to wait till I have a job so I can afford to go, please let me know. I certainly won't go alone.
  3. Top Tips for Girls. Now, I haven't thoroughly checked this out yet, but it was recommended by Daily Candy, and seems like a good thing. If I find out it's awful, well, I'll probably write a blog post about it.
Enjoy! Make Monday Happy!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

No News Is Good News...

...and my news is bad.

I was going to post pictures of the glorious time that was had at the Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club on Saturday, but my camera has gone missing. Somewhere between taking a picture outside my car after the bowling and entering my house after driving home from the bowling, my camera decided to leave me. Or I somehow dropped it on the street and didn't notice. Either way, my camera is gone, and I am not happy about it. Yes, I have retraced my steps (twice, and thrice in some areas). Yes, I have torn my entire house apart. Yes, I have looked in my purse. I even looked in the bushes (and the bushes on the street).

It's a Nikon Coolpix. It has a memory card in it. It has pictures of me and Will, and me and Bec (at the BLBC) on it. If you find it, let me know.

Or if you have a digital camera you're looking to rid yourself of, let me know that too. I have no money though, so only let me know if you just want to give it away. And it works.

March Madness? You mean, because March is making me mad? Yep.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Random Thing of Interest...and Knitting!

These things could not be more unrelated, but here goes anyway.

My friend Josh is currently on an Adventure in Thailand. He, being the morbid, sarcastic, zombie-loving, nerdtastic (lovable) freakshow that he is, wanted to go to someplace he had heard of called the Human Bakery. Check out his latest blog post for more information. Quite interesting indeed. Linked to said blog post, however, was the Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism. It may be one of the most disturbing things I've heard about. Ever. Although it's not as bad as it sounds. Really. Check it out. Josh, being a pre-med (and as I said before, a zombie-lover), would probably love to eat her. erm, here. editor's note: Josh is not a pre-med. He is a "full blown med" now. my bad.

In Other News...Knitting!

I have begun to work on my bag. Must rip out what I've done to re-size it. See how tiny it is? That's the base of the bag. And when I felt it, it will be about 1/2 the size it is now. Even tinier. Not so good for holding my lunch; and let's face it, I like to eat.

such a tiny, tiny square

So now I begin the task of ripping and restarting. Stay tuned for the exciting results...

Updates and Unformation

A friend of mine posted a link to this article on his facebook blog the other day, and I thought it was interesting. I share it with you, in case you find these things interesting as well. It's basically about consumerism and the superfastspreading of companies like Starbucks and McDonalds, and how places that start out as totally-hip-and-unique-hot-spots sell out and become mass-marketed one-on-every-corner soul suckers. And it's all because the guy who started the dreaded Starbucks is sad about it.

Rock on.

In other news, JobSearch2007 is underway. I'm trying to figure out how it's all going to work with this whole Going To Israel thing (oh yeah, I'm going to Israel this summer--thanks to Birthright Israel.), and I may end up both jobless and homeless in July, but I'm hoping something will turn up. 'Cause jobless and homeless wouldn't be that fun. Or would it? I'm going with "no."

More on this, and other things, later.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"We could not be dorkier. Unless we were on J-Date"

So, gigantic dork that I am, I have fallen deep in like with Gmail's chatting application--you know, the totally awesome thing that lets you chat with other Gmail users who are also sitting in front of their desks with less work to do than will occupy their 8(ish) hour workday. It's great. Saves on the email space, and Gmail stores your chats in a special chats folder--and you all know how much I love folders. Gmail is just so neat and organized and wonderful for people like me. I even love the subtle little "bloonky noise" that happens when someone writes to you. Unless you have the sound off and don't even notice it for 3 days. A-he-henyway, this lovely Gmail chatting application has little non-intrusive animated chat "smilies." (or "emoticons" - a more technical, not as fun word) They are, at present, very amusing to me. I enjoy them. Particularly the one called "big nose wink," which looks something like and actually turns right-side-up after you type it like ;^) and winks at you.

Which brings me to the quote/title of this blog post. Bec and I were discussing ways to go on dates without actually going on dates. We want to sample the fabulous dining establishments of San Francisco, but have neither the money nor the...well, it's really the money we don't have enough of to sample said fabulous dining establishments. The joke-of-a-solution to our dining dilemma was J-Date. Double-J-Dating, to be exact, since really, it would be far less awkward to go together. Or would it? Two Chatty Females Seek Two Rich Guys To Buy Them Dinner. Ah, who wouldn't jump on that opportunity? There's really no un-awkward way to go about it. So now I am on a mission to find a non-creepy benefactor-of-sorts who wants to buy us nice meals, with no dating-type-obligation of any kind. Like that's going to happen. Good thing I like my cheap-o and delicious Trader Joe's food. Also, I don't know why J-Date has this terribly awful dork-and-a-half stigma, but it does. The term J-Date somehow implies nerd (not that I'm not one) or "person who can't find a date" or "Jewy Jew Jew seeks other Jewy Jew Jew" or something. However, contrary to said stigma, I know plenty of nice, attractive, normal people who are, or have been, on J-Date. My cousin met his wife on J-Date. Alas, I do not want to meet a "nice Jewish boy" on J-Date. Or at all, really. Dating online kind of freaks me out. Dating (someone you've never met) in general kind of freaks me out. Quote I can't stand: "a stranger is just a friend you haven't yet met." Oy.

Let's be honest folks, I just want a free dinner at a nice restaurant. I should really use that Chez Panisse gift certificate I got for graduation one of these days. But since I have only one chance to use it (and probably to go there ever in my life), I want it to be something special. Knowing me, I'll use it to celebrate the birth of my first child in like 10 years.

I am all full of digression today. Maybe it's from not posting a blog since Friday. Maybe.

The point? "big nose wink" has now been dubbed "Mr. J-date" And Bec and I spent a while trying out those smilies (which some people spell "smileys" which may or may not require an apostrophe, but looks more fun and smiley-like than "smilies," and also looks a lot less like "similes" which is not the same thing at all) and getting quite a kick out of them. And, as usual, I am a total and complete dork.

In other news, JobSearch2007 is about to begin. Any suggestions? I want to be in the Bay Area, specifically the East Bay, more specifically Berkeley. I have many fine qualifications including writing, editing, organizing, reading and reviewing, making lists, and being a complete nerd for grammar and all things dictionary-thesaurus-encyclopedia-related. and smilies. and similes. I am as open as a 7-11 to anything you might suggest. Know of any magazines or newspapers that would want me? Any theatre-related folks that I could help? I want a full time, $30,000+ a year with benefits job. I'd like it to not suck the life out of my soul. But like I said, I'm open to anything. Suggest Away!

Friday, March 9, 2007

One Cingular Sensation - Comcastic!

I love my Cingular calling plan. It lets me call and text, is supersimple to use, the customer service people are totally friendly and don't make fun of me when I'm confused, and it rarely drops my calls. But let it be known that they should really offer a monthly plan for less than $39.99 a month. That is the plan to which I currently subscribe, and I barely even use half of my monthly minutes. I would like less minutes. Do you hear me? I actually want less! Most of the people I talk to are also on Cingular, which means free mobile-to-mobile, which I love. But I really am not making use of these 450 anytime minutes and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. 5,000 minutes! Are you nuts? Who talks that much!? $39.99 may not sound like much, but when you add about $15 in who-knows-what-we're-being-taxed-for charges and the $4.99 I pay for 200 text messages (cause, let's be honest, text messages are convenient), and I'm paying about $55 every month. Now, if I could get rid of about $20 in phone call minute time, that would be excellent. Cause I'm really not using those minutes. And I don't want to pay for them. Oh, and I love the concept of "rollover" minutes, but I've got over 1,700 of these minutes stored up, not counting the ones that expire after a while because I haven't used them. Maybe I should talk on the phone more to my non-Cingular friends, whoever you are, and really get my money's worth.

Cingular, if you're reading (you're not), make a cheaper plan for people like me, who use less than 300 of their 450 anytime minutes and less than 600 of their 5,000 night and weekend minutes each month, and don't want to pay for thousands of unused minutes! Do it!

On a lighter note, I love Comcast commercials. My current favorite involves a guy standing on top of his TV, sort of awkwardly dancing in place and saying "46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51..." Because Comcast is "TV you can count on." Ha. I want to be the person who comes up with these things. How fun would that job be? Such a bummer that Comcast costs so much. Not terrible when you're living with others, but when I live alone, I'm gonna be shelling out more than $60 a month for cable and internet. Such a cheap Jew am I. Oy.

TGIF, yo. And I'm not talking about the restaurant.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What's A Word, Anyway?

So I was typing an email to the lovely Bec today, the subject of which was the fantastic documentary, Jesus Camp. Since I was typing quickly, and with that lackadaisical air one associates with quick emailing, I neglected to capitalize (gasp!), instead allowing the Microsoft Outlook Autocorrect thingum to determine what should and should not be capitalized. Generally, it does a decent job. It always capitalizes "I" and the word that begins a sentence, and usually it recognizes people's names - though why it recognized Lindsey and Jessica but not Susie and Margo I will never understand. Which brings me to my conundrum. Who decides what is a word and what isn't? Who gets to decide if capitalizing a noun, and thus making it proper, turns it into a word, or a name, for that matter? Why is there no universal rule for this?

I typed "jesus camp." Microsoft Office said "jesus" was spelled incorrectly (and blogger is telling me the same thing, by the way). Just for kicks, I looked up their spelling suggestion. Microsoft Office's suggestion? "Jesus." That is not a spelling error, it is a grammatical error, and should be underlined in annoying green dashed lines, not annoying red dashed lines! Furthermore, if all it takes to make "jesus" a legitimately spelled word is a capital "J," why the heck can't they capitalize it automatically? Especially seeing as they do automatically capitalize Christ. they don't tell you that "christ" is misspelled (as blogger is telling me), they just autocorrect it. I love that "blogger" is a word, but "christ" isn't, unless you spell it with a capital "C." Oh, and by the way, the blogger spelling suggestion for "jesus" is "jess" or "jests." So Silly.

Note: Microsoft Outlook automatically capitalizes "microsoft," which blogger says is spelled incorrectly when it is in lowercase. Microsoft Outlook says that "autocorrect" is a word, while blogger says it is not, upper or lowercased. But "blogger" is a word, capitalized or not. Go figure.

I'm probably the only one in the universe who finds such stuff troubling, or even remotely interesting, but whatchagonnado? Oh, and blogger's spelling suggestion for "whatchagonnado" (a word I'm pretty sure I made up) : whatchamacallit. Apparently that is a word.

Oh, and PS: If you want a wonderful horoscope for march, click here. I don't know how, but Crazy Aunt Purl has done it again! And she always manages to cheer me up and right out of whatever career-related anxiety in which I currently find myself. So read her horoscopes, and the little biddy introductory post as well. They'll make you giggle. And want to watch Office Space. That is all.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Want This

I have decided that I MUST make this bag. It is the perfect solution to my lunch bag needs (lunch box is too heavy, plastic market bag is too flimsy). I think it might even keep my food cold if I stick an ice pack in there. I have included a picture, just in case you didn't believe me that it MUST be made. I mean, it rules. I would use a different clasp, or maybe just a giant button, but I totally can't wait to get started on it. I would need to get a 16" size 10.5 set of circulars, and possibly some yarn (unless some of my 52-skein-megastash that I bought for $5 would work, I'll have to check), and I may try to make it a little bigger (math skills???), but man...I can't wait to make it! And Michaels is having a sale this week! 25% off bamboo needles! SCORE!
such a good idea. with a different clasp.

In other news, the weather was gorgeous today. 70 degrees and sunny. Took a walk to Yogurt Park with the roommates for some delicious frozen yogurt. I love sunshine. And frozen yogurt.

Friday, March 2, 2007

An Addendum

NOTE: Due to the fact that apparently it would take me 1.5 hours to get to this show, and that parking is sketchy and walking alone in the neighborhood is apparently not the best idea, I have decided to forgo tonight's City Driving Adventure. As much as I like Adventure, and as much as I like Street to Nowhere, I dislike walking alone in dark, potentially sketchy areas much more. Sorry, guys.

I shall attempt the All By Myself (I'm A Big Girl Now) City Driving at another time though, because that did really sound kind of fun.

Other Exciting News!!! I have received my box of Awaken A Cappella: Life's A Beach CDs tonight, and can begin selling them! $15 each, which is a great deal considering there are 14 songs! It's almost as cheap as iTunes, and all the money goes towards the group producing their next album! They get $15, you get 14 great songs! Contact me if you're in Northern California and would like to buy one.
picture from the album art photoshoot in venice, ca

Track Listing:
* = I have a solo
^ = I co-arranged it

/ I Feel The Earth Move * / Movin' Out / Any Way You Want It / Where Are You Going / Scar * / Tribute / Chariot / Walking In Memphis / Hide and Seek / Ain't Nobody / Afternoon Delight / Book of Love *^ / Career Day ^ / Scream /

I am very proud of this music, which is the result of many, many hours of hard work by lots of people. If you have the money, please buy a copy and support collegiate a cappella and let me know what you think!

That's all for now :)

Milestones Shmilestones

Happy Purim (apparently)!

Once again, Purim has snuck up on me, and I am unprepared. So sad. I'll have to get some Hamentashen and a noisemaker and write the date down next year. Not that I really have any feelings towards Purim one way or another, but it could be fun if I didn't remember it's happening the day before it happens.

But to celebrate (like I've been planning this special pre-Purim night out all along), tonight I am going to see my friend's band play in San Francisco as part of this crazy thing called the Noise Pop festival. Maria Bamford is appearing on Sunday, but I cannot go, because alas, tickets cost $24. And alas, I am poor. But I digress. My friend's band is called Street to Nowhere, and they are playing tonight at Slim's. And I am going for free (because really, folks, when do I ever leave the house if it ain't free?). I am excited. His girlfriend will be there, and I haven't seen her in a while, and that will be fun. But the "big news" is that I am going to the show alone.

"But Kim," you quickly interject, "you just said you're meeting the ladyfriend there. Hence, a lack of aloneness." Yes, but I am going (ie: travelling) to the show All By Myself. Finding my way in the Big City. I'm not taking public transportation, because the directions involve BART and a bus and walking, and I don't really know where this place is, and I'm always terrified of getting on the wrong bus or going the wrong direction or paying too much because I didn't ask for the right kind of transfer or standing on a dark corner all alone waiting for a bus that is running late...or something. (apparently I am not afraid of long sentences, but we knew that, didn't we?)

So, the point of this highly entertaining story is: I am driving. Which does not terrify me as much as getting lost on public transportation, but does terrify me a little. Driving in San Francisco is a little scary to little old Kim from the valley where streets are flat and there are no one way streets and oh my god these hills are steep and where the heck am i and how do i get back to the east bay from here. So yes. I will be driving tonight. And it will be an Adventure. And I may call you in hopes that you are sitting in front of your computer to help me via googlemap.

In other news, I stumbled across this wonderful hat pattern from everyone's favorite Crazy Aunt Purl today. It's called the Brangelina Hat (see also: prototype), and looks like SO much good times I don't know what to do with myself. Before I knit it, however, I will need:
  • one set of 16" circular size 10 needles ($$)
  • one set of 16" circular size 11 needles ($$)
  • a couple double pointed size 11 needles ($$)
  • the cajones to knit with double pointed needles (priceless)
  • some delicious WoolEase Thick N Quick yarn (not a problem here, I love buying this stuff! so cheap! so thick! so quick!)
So once I get these things, I will attempt this hat. Because gosh, it looks cute. And jeez, it's time for me to get over my irrational fear of double pointed needles already!

Another fear I am hoping to get over: my fear of going to Stitch N Bitch. I am thisscared of going by myself because let me tell you, I do not love me an awkward situation. I'm sure everyone would be lovely and welcoming and nice and all, but I'm also sure I would babble on in a rather embarrassing manner, and probably share too much information, and there is also the chance that I would sit silently and not talk to anyone. That last one isn't quite as likely as the babbling on and being the Queen of TMI, but you never know. I would much rather have the security blanket of a friend who wants to come along and stitch and bitch with me. Anyone? We'll see. Maybe the cajones needed for double pointed knitting will help me to venture forth solo to a Berkeley Stitch N Bitch. Or vice versa. Either way, I need me some balls.
side note: why, when we need courage, do we say we need balls? (or cajones or testicles etc.) is it because we, as a society, feel that men are more courageous? so if a woman, or anyone for that matter, wants to feel Strong and Brave, they need to be more manly? i'm not saying that many men aren't Strong and Brave and all that, but so are many women [duh]! i am not particularly Strong and Brave myself, but why don't i say that i need to get myself a pair of breasts when i mean i need to suck it up and just not be a wimp (or a pussy???) i mean, come on. these gender-identified character traits are really silly and stereotypical and outdated. even though sometimes i am indeed a "pussy" and feel like i'd like someone who has indeed "grown a pair" to walk down the street with me.

Enough ranting and raving for now. Back to thinking about knitting and the fact that it is Friday! What a nice, long bloggy blog to satisfy you as you sit in your cubicle waiting for Happy Hour!

PS: I have no idea what's up with the title of this blog. Something about it feels like it negates my whole "get over my fears of driving in the city and going to SnB alone and knitting with DPNs" thing. Oh well. It rhymes.
PPS: This Hat Calculator looks useful. Once I figure it out, I'm sure I'll rave about it. For now, check it out!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The End of the Shortest Era Ever

So, I posted the blocking blog. For some reason, it posted where it would have had I actually published it on the day I started working on it, so you'll have to scroll down a little to see it, but oh well. It's up. The pictures are a little wonky, and some of them open up REALLY big when you click them to see them in more-than-minuscule sizes, but I don't care. It's been posted. Enjoy.

The Era of Posting Many Pictures is over, even though it has barely begun. From now on, I shall simplify. That's the life philosophy I'm going for anyway, right? Real Simple. Life Made Easier. Ah, if only...

Happy Thursday.