Thursday, June 30, 2016

What I Thought I Knew About Pregnancy: Part 2

A while back, you fine folks were treated to a sampling of my humble pregnancy pie. That is, the things I thought I knew about pregnancy. Well, it's time for round two.

As always, if you're someone who does not want to know the TMI of pregnancy (mine in particular), maybe skip this one. I've included a handy page break for easy skipping if this isn't your bag. I'm writing about it on the internet because I like normalizing something that should be normalized. Let's not be ashamed to speak candidly about the wacky and awesome things that our bodies do.

Welcome to "What I thought I knew about pregnancy: part 2" - aka "Jesus Christ, there's more?!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Things That Are Currently Making Me Cry: Pregnancy Hormones Edition!

The author, after her third emotional breakdown
in roughly 12 hours. What is this mess?

All-night leg cramps

Indecisiveness about whether to hire a doula

The house being a mess

Being tired

Watching newborn babies being placed on mom's chest in childbirth class videos

Not having packed for a long weekend trip I leave on tomorrow

A friend reassuring me that she would come up for the birth I needed her

Not being in control of my emotions

Putting on underwear and pants

Worrying that my emotional roller coaster is a sign that I'm going to have PPD

Being tired

Failing to convince myself not to feel bad about waking up my husband when I flip over in bed for the millionth time

Not being happy about feeling the baby move because I just want to sleep

Seeing the sun come up

Feeling unprepared for a baby to come out of my vagina

Really nice people on the internet (ToastieSlack, I'm looking at you!)

Having 1700 pillow formations and none of them being comfortable

Recognizing that I often get anxious/emotional in these types of new/change situations but it still feeling totally new and overwhelming because HORMONES

Leg cramps