Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to Back

Ok I KNOW it's a lot of videos lately, but I've been just going crazy, and Palin is driving me crazy. Here's a little back-to-back SNL-to-real-interview action for you. See if YOU'RE not terrified. Or disgusted. Or both.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More McCain/Palin BS

Ok, I know it's a lot of video posting today, but here's one more:

Ok, so I guess this Android thing is pretty sweet.

I have a hard time accepting new technology (I know, I know, "but you work for Google!!!"), and I've been resisting this new Google phone for a while. After watching this video though, um, well, I might end up getting one at some point. The only problem is I don't think it will ever be on AT&T because I'm pretty sure the iPhone has exclusivity with them. It'll be a while before I get rid of my trusty, basic, simple-to-use, no-fuss LG flip phone, but if I ever do upgrade to a fancy "it's a computer! no, it's a phone!" type device, I'll probably go with this one.

Project 10^100

In honor of Google's 10th Birthday, the company is launching "Project 10 to the 100th" (www.project10tothe100.com.). Check out the video, and check out the site.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reinventing the Table

The area behind my couch has gone through many stages since I moved to this apartment in July of last year. None of the behind-the-couch storage solutions felt permanent; they all seemed like temporary solutions to a problem that wasn't too terrible.

A few weeks ago, I received a coffee table that was once my grandmother's, and has been living at my cousin's house for the last several years. I've told him forever that if he ever gets rid of it, I absolutely want it -- and somehow, he forgot that and gave it to my little sister who just moved into her first off-campus house (she's a sophomore in college). Alas! However...it turned out that her new place already had coffee tables, and into my car it went. Sadly, it is just too big for the space my apartment has for a coffee table, and besides, I already have a coffee table (also from my grandma). What to do???

I decided that I would find new legs for this grand table, and use it behind my couch. And today, that's what I did. The original legs just screwed off, and I was hoping to find new screw-on legs but was having a lot of trouble. Then I found this trestle thing at IKEA. It took a lot of tries to figure out how to get the table top situated, but several grunts and groans and a bit of blue painter's tape later, I had it all worked out. And I have to say, I really really like it. And I'm proud that I did it all by myself. Like a big kid.

Oh, I also (because I'm just that creative) turned the white cubicle things on their sides and used them as shelving. Genius? You decide. Pictures below.

Stage 1: before I had the new couch...note the three ugly white cube things.

Stage 2: brown bookshelf...new couch...still two ugly white things.

Stage 3: Awesometown.

Gratuitous shot of my neighbors' cutie-pie puppy, Daisy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mmmmm Tuna

The Boy and I made some delicious tuna tonight, and I thought I'd share. I wish I had taken a picture of the tuna before we cooked it because it was just gorgeous. Anyway, we just pan-fried it in a grill pan with salt and pepper. Serve with thin-sliced tomato and avocado, rosemary potato bread, and a delicious salad (mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, four-pepper goat cheese, TJ's marinated baked tofu, zucchini and broccoli with my secret balsamic dressing) and it's a dinner for royalty! Or for us, while we watch last weekend's SNL (thank you TiVo!).

We'll be making dessert soon...probably fresh-sliced strawberries with chocolate ice cream. Mmmmmmm.....

I hope everyone's Wednesday nights are as relaxing as ours is tonight!

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Obamania!

Remember when I mentioned that I went to that Obama rally by my house? Here's more info about it. If you're in the East Bay, come on by. I'll probably be volunteering at some point...

More Palin Blah

Being interviewed by Charles Gibson.

Perez Hilton says:


Did you watch part one of Charlie Gibson's interview on ABC with Sarah Palin on Thursday night????

If you missed it, click here to see video excerpts or click here for the transcript.

We felt like we were watching a lady version of George W. Bush, only she's more eloquent and fuckable.

Like many politicians, instead of giving straight answers at times, Sexy Sarah would just jibber jabber.

In fact, at one point during the interview, Charlie Gibson said to the GOP VP pick, "I got lost in a blizzard of words there. Is that a yes?"

If the GOP somehow manages to snag the presidency, let's hope that John McCain stays well.

With Sarah in power, looks like there's a chance that 'God' could will us to go to war with Russia, Iran and Pakistani terrorists all at the same time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


On the shuttle on the way home tonight, I noticed quite a commotion at the Obama Headquarters down the street from my house. The shuttle had to stop directly in front of my apartment - because of the crazy amount of cars parked in the neighborhood, some not-so-legally, there wasn't anywhere else for it to pull over (oh darn, poor me). Anyway, I put my stuff down and walked down the street to check out the scene. Apparently it was some sort of Grand Opening party type thing (same night as McCain's speech? coincidence?), complete with jambalaya (unfortunately, the line was crazylong and I wasn't in the mood for a long line, so no jambalaya for me)! Some photos below...

so many people! such a pretty sunset-on-building!

The HQ

Cop car in the middle of the crowd

Yet another crowd shot...I hope they didn't want to get that car out of there any time soon!

Parking illegally for Obama!

And I think that's the quickest event-to-posting turnaround EVER on my blog.