Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adventures In Blocking

Before I proceed to the fabulous photodocumentation (although, admit it, you skipped straight to the pictures anyway--click on them to see larger versions), let me just say, blocking was an Adventure. An Adventure that took:
  • 15 minutes figuring out new iron and preparing it for steaming
  • 10 minutes creating the Cardboard Contraption so I wouldn't be trying to pin directly into the hardwood floor
  • 25 minutes pinning the thing down
  • many hours drying...just to be sure it was really dry
As you can see, I had some lovely supplies. Well, the iron is lovely. The pins, not so much.
The scarf wasn't stretching evenly, and I was a bit concerned about my edges turning out all scallopy...does anyone know how to make the yarn stretch in straight lines? More pins? I didn't think it was possible...but the final product didn't turn out really scallopy (except for a few spots where I think I pulled too hard) so maybe it doesn't matter? I'm guessing it's the type of yarn I used (Caron Simply Soft Shadows--100% acrylic. yep. that could be the problem).
The ribbing didn't hold as stretched-out as I wanted it to, but the end product did turn out more airy and light than it was pre-blocking, even if you can't really tell from the photo. It does feel like it weighs less, and it is much softer and more comfy around my neck, which is always nice. AND even though it only grew a couple of inches, the extra length is just enough so that it actually stays wrapped around my neck, which the short and stubby version did not.So there you have it. A longer, more airy scarf. Not as different as I thought it would be, but it was...a learning experience? Thanks to this blog and this blog from Crazy Aunt Purl for making me believe that I, too, could be a blocker. I do kind of want one of those steamer thingies...even though I don't need it. Ah, gadgets. Also thanks to Kristen for humoring me as I let out exasperated cries from the next room. And for this expert photo portrait, shown below.It's going to be a while before I attempt another photodocumentation takes a lot longer to put together than I had anticipated. So enjoy it while it lasts, kiddos, because I just may go on a photo-limited or primarily-text-based blogging binge in the near future. Matchingly (and awkwardly) yours, Kim

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