Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Want This

I have decided that I MUST make this bag. It is the perfect solution to my lunch bag needs (lunch box is too heavy, plastic market bag is too flimsy). I think it might even keep my food cold if I stick an ice pack in there. I have included a picture, just in case you didn't believe me that it MUST be made. I mean, it rules. I would use a different clasp, or maybe just a giant button, but I totally can't wait to get started on it. I would need to get a 16" size 10.5 set of circulars, and possibly some yarn (unless some of my 52-skein-megastash that I bought for $5 would work, I'll have to check), and I may try to make it a little bigger (math skills???), but man...I can't wait to make it! And Michaels is having a sale this week! 25% off bamboo needles! SCORE!
such a good idea. with a different clasp.

In other news, the weather was gorgeous today. 70 degrees and sunny. Took a walk to Yogurt Park with the roommates for some delicious frozen yogurt. I love sunshine. And frozen yogurt.

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