Friday, March 2, 2007

Milestones Shmilestones

Happy Purim (apparently)!

Once again, Purim has snuck up on me, and I am unprepared. So sad. I'll have to get some Hamentashen and a noisemaker and write the date down next year. Not that I really have any feelings towards Purim one way or another, but it could be fun if I didn't remember it's happening the day before it happens.

But to celebrate (like I've been planning this special pre-Purim night out all along), tonight I am going to see my friend's band play in San Francisco as part of this crazy thing called the Noise Pop festival. Maria Bamford is appearing on Sunday, but I cannot go, because alas, tickets cost $24. And alas, I am poor. But I digress. My friend's band is called Street to Nowhere, and they are playing tonight at Slim's. And I am going for free (because really, folks, when do I ever leave the house if it ain't free?). I am excited. His girlfriend will be there, and I haven't seen her in a while, and that will be fun. But the "big news" is that I am going to the show alone.

"But Kim," you quickly interject, "you just said you're meeting the ladyfriend there. Hence, a lack of aloneness." Yes, but I am going (ie: travelling) to the show All By Myself. Finding my way in the Big City. I'm not taking public transportation, because the directions involve BART and a bus and walking, and I don't really know where this place is, and I'm always terrified of getting on the wrong bus or going the wrong direction or paying too much because I didn't ask for the right kind of transfer or standing on a dark corner all alone waiting for a bus that is running late...or something. (apparently I am not afraid of long sentences, but we knew that, didn't we?)

So, the point of this highly entertaining story is: I am driving. Which does not terrify me as much as getting lost on public transportation, but does terrify me a little. Driving in San Francisco is a little scary to little old Kim from the valley where streets are flat and there are no one way streets and oh my god these hills are steep and where the heck am i and how do i get back to the east bay from here. So yes. I will be driving tonight. And it will be an Adventure. And I may call you in hopes that you are sitting in front of your computer to help me via googlemap.

In other news, I stumbled across this wonderful hat pattern from everyone's favorite Crazy Aunt Purl today. It's called the Brangelina Hat (see also: prototype), and looks like SO much good times I don't know what to do with myself. Before I knit it, however, I will need:
  • one set of 16" circular size 10 needles ($$)
  • one set of 16" circular size 11 needles ($$)
  • a couple double pointed size 11 needles ($$)
  • the cajones to knit with double pointed needles (priceless)
  • some delicious WoolEase Thick N Quick yarn (not a problem here, I love buying this stuff! so cheap! so thick! so quick!)
So once I get these things, I will attempt this hat. Because gosh, it looks cute. And jeez, it's time for me to get over my irrational fear of double pointed needles already!

Another fear I am hoping to get over: my fear of going to Stitch N Bitch. I am thisscared of going by myself because let me tell you, I do not love me an awkward situation. I'm sure everyone would be lovely and welcoming and nice and all, but I'm also sure I would babble on in a rather embarrassing manner, and probably share too much information, and there is also the chance that I would sit silently and not talk to anyone. That last one isn't quite as likely as the babbling on and being the Queen of TMI, but you never know. I would much rather have the security blanket of a friend who wants to come along and stitch and bitch with me. Anyone? We'll see. Maybe the cajones needed for double pointed knitting will help me to venture forth solo to a Berkeley Stitch N Bitch. Or vice versa. Either way, I need me some balls.
side note: why, when we need courage, do we say we need balls? (or cajones or testicles etc.) is it because we, as a society, feel that men are more courageous? so if a woman, or anyone for that matter, wants to feel Strong and Brave, they need to be more manly? i'm not saying that many men aren't Strong and Brave and all that, but so are many women [duh]! i am not particularly Strong and Brave myself, but why don't i say that i need to get myself a pair of breasts when i mean i need to suck it up and just not be a wimp (or a pussy???) i mean, come on. these gender-identified character traits are really silly and stereotypical and outdated. even though sometimes i am indeed a "pussy" and feel like i'd like someone who has indeed "grown a pair" to walk down the street with me.

Enough ranting and raving for now. Back to thinking about knitting and the fact that it is Friday! What a nice, long bloggy blog to satisfy you as you sit in your cubicle waiting for Happy Hour!

PS: I have no idea what's up with the title of this blog. Something about it feels like it negates my whole "get over my fears of driving in the city and going to SnB alone and knitting with DPNs" thing. Oh well. It rhymes.
PPS: This Hat Calculator looks useful. Once I figure it out, I'm sure I'll rave about it. For now, check it out!

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  1. kim, as always, you make me smile and laugh. and i will have you know that i am extremely jealous of the fact that you even have the option of going to a stitch & bitch (and if i were there, i would be the friend that would go stitch, bitch, and be merry right along with you.) also, i must say i am very impressed about your driving in the city tonight. i lived there for 4 years and never actually drove in san francisco. drove through it on 101 once...
    good luck!