Friday, March 9, 2007

One Cingular Sensation - Comcastic!

I love my Cingular calling plan. It lets me call and text, is supersimple to use, the customer service people are totally friendly and don't make fun of me when I'm confused, and it rarely drops my calls. But let it be known that they should really offer a monthly plan for less than $39.99 a month. That is the plan to which I currently subscribe, and I barely even use half of my monthly minutes. I would like less minutes. Do you hear me? I actually want less! Most of the people I talk to are also on Cingular, which means free mobile-to-mobile, which I love. But I really am not making use of these 450 anytime minutes and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. 5,000 minutes! Are you nuts? Who talks that much!? $39.99 may not sound like much, but when you add about $15 in who-knows-what-we're-being-taxed-for charges and the $4.99 I pay for 200 text messages (cause, let's be honest, text messages are convenient), and I'm paying about $55 every month. Now, if I could get rid of about $20 in phone call minute time, that would be excellent. Cause I'm really not using those minutes. And I don't want to pay for them. Oh, and I love the concept of "rollover" minutes, but I've got over 1,700 of these minutes stored up, not counting the ones that expire after a while because I haven't used them. Maybe I should talk on the phone more to my non-Cingular friends, whoever you are, and really get my money's worth.

Cingular, if you're reading (you're not), make a cheaper plan for people like me, who use less than 300 of their 450 anytime minutes and less than 600 of their 5,000 night and weekend minutes each month, and don't want to pay for thousands of unused minutes! Do it!

On a lighter note, I love Comcast commercials. My current favorite involves a guy standing on top of his TV, sort of awkwardly dancing in place and saying "46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51..." Because Comcast is "TV you can count on." Ha. I want to be the person who comes up with these things. How fun would that job be? Such a bummer that Comcast costs so much. Not terrible when you're living with others, but when I live alone, I'm gonna be shelling out more than $60 a month for cable and internet. Such a cheap Jew am I. Oy.

TGIF, yo. And I'm not talking about the restaurant.

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  1. i share in your rant! i was actually just talking to someone about this the other day - what a coincidence.
    and you know, you really could be the person to come up with those commercials... you can always try giving my aunt (who works in advertising) a call or email or something if you want to learn more about the fabulous world of advertising.
    just putting it out there.