Friday, April 6, 2007

Every Friday is Good Friday

I believe that all Fridays should be Good Friday, because Friday = Funday in my book. If you work for The Man, maybe you get "Casual Fridays," so maybe you're wearing comfy clothes today. I always wear comfy clothes to work, so there. Ha ha. I work in the Artistic department at a non-profit regional theatre. I'll probably have dress all corporate soon, so let me have my laughs now. I'll get my comeuppance, don't worry. Other things about Friday include the fact that in most cultures, it seems, Friday is named after Venus, who we all know as the Goddess of Beauty, but also for the planet. Good ole Venus. It's also known for another Goddess of Beauty, the Goddess Frigg. Good ole Frigg.
the goddess Frigg. Or Freyja. Or Venus.

Today is a special kind of Friday, though, for all you lovers of a one Mr. JC. That's Jesus Christ for those not in the know...not JC Chavez of *NSYNC. Seriously. This is the day when y'all commemorate his crucifixion (for which, according to Mel Gibson, my people are responsible), so that on Easter Sunday you can celebrate his resurrection by hunting for colored eggs and eating chocolate bunnies. And going to church, I guess. [note: I did not see Gibson's movie, so my opinions are based on hearsay and brief internet research. I didn't skip it because of religious reasons, I skipped it because it looked violent and gory and not like a fun night out at the movies. That's just me though.]

Thusly, in the spirit of it being Good Friday, I provide several things of interest. Several. Because Fridays are Good, I'm seeing Taylor in Jersey Boys tonight, I'm in a good mood, and it's still Passover. "Once We Were Slaves; Now We Are Free." Or, "Once We Had No Internets; Now We Have Many." Enjoy.
  1. I like David Sedaris. Some people are just stupid.
  2. Champagne is bubbly. Be careful with your sword.
  3. 30 Rock is a good TV show. Just Ask Tina.
  4. Will Arnett makes me laugh. See what I saw last night.
  5. A fireman wearing a bikini? I promise, it's not from The Onion.
  6. Uganda tries to be less sexist. Now everybody can sleep around!
  7. I can't ride a bike. Maybe it's better that way. See also this.
  8. Scandalous pictures and stories online? Welcome to Generation Next.
  9. Books are wonderful. Little Witch is one of my all time childhood favorites.
  10. Remember Scholastic Book Fairs at elementary school? So good!
Happy Friday, for whatever reason you choose!

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