Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I just found out about a hotel in NY called The Pod. It looks Uber Hip and Totally Cool, a hi-tech hotel for the iPod lover. Each room has modtastic furniture, a cross between IKEA and The Jetsons, and an iHome dock so you can plug in your iPod and jam the night away. Features include a rooftop lounge area (complete with cushions), a modern art lounge, swank restaurant (open 'till 4am) as well as flat screen TVs, free wifi, and, if you want, bunk beds (what?!?). Also, it's one of the only hotels I know about in NY (not that I know about many NY hotels at all) that also offers rooms with two double beds -- DeCadence had a lot of trouble with hotels.com when trying to find a similar situation for their NY tour, and were told that such a room does not exist in New York City. [side note: do not use hotels.com. they are mean and not at all accomodating!]

This place looks a little too Trendy With A Capital T for me, but on the other hand, it's reasonably priced for New York (starting at around $139 a night), in a good location (Midtown East), and seems like an overall nice (aka not sketchy) place. And who am I to pretend "care" about "trendy" or "not trendy?" They have a wide variety of types of rooms, and all in all, it looks like a place to check out. I know that when I make my obligatory "give NY a second chance" trip, I'll consider staying here.

The Pod, you're welcome for that free publicity.

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