Monday, April 30, 2007

Mish Mosh Monday

I'm not terribly motivated to provide opinions or things like that today, but I do have a slew of interesting webthings. Check 'em out. They're totally random and cover a (sort of) broad range of topics.

  • A silly little springtime website my grandma sent me. It made my day just a little brighter. Click on the screen, or click and drag your mouse.
  • Schools have started using DDR in PE classes. I would've loved that. Running the mile? Basketball? Gymnastics? Flag Football? Not everyone was good at that. I certainly wasn't. But as one student points out in this article, you don't have to be good at DDR to get a workout.
  • More talk about this Spykes drink. I still think they look like nail polish bottles. But it's true, it's certainly not the first of its kind to be on the market. "Good tasting," flashy, hip, small bottles of alcohol are available at any drugstore--I've certainly found myself thinking "oh, that bottle of vodka is so cute!" more than once. This doesn't mean I buy it; I mean, unless it's cute AND fruity-tasting. Which still doesn't mean I buy it. I'm cheap, and not really an avid consumer of alcohol. However, I am more likely to buy something like this than say, a 6-pack of beer. And so, say critics, are underage drinkers...who are already drinking anyway.
  • Angela Lansbury is back on Broadway. I love her. So much. This is a pretty decent article/interview.
  • Kind of interesting: an article about a Broadway animal trainer. Good times.
  • A "behind the scenes" article about the production life of a ballet, Romeo and Juliet at NYC Ballet. I like these kinds of articles quite a bit; I've always loved the magical behind the scenes stuff.
  • And an article about the glorious Conan O'Brien, and his upcoming trip to San Francisco.
  • Knitty, the online knitting magazine, is having a photo contest for their 2008 calendar. If you're a knitter, check it out!
  • Jon Carroll wrote an amusing, if not over-ranting article about Carpool Lane Cheaters.

In MacArthur Maze news, there is less freeway closure than I had initially thought. Check out this guy's map for specifics--it's incredibly helpful. Also, the city of San Francisco is recommending this real-time map for information and help planning alternate routes. Frequent updates on the situation appear to be happening here, and some more detailed info on alternate routes and what the public transportation systems are doing to help (today, at least) here. And last but not least, a list of traffic updates.

And that's your Mish Mosh Monday.


  1. How could one NOT love Angela Lansbury? I mean...Sweeney Todd AND Bedknobs and there anything this woman can't do?

  2. Both Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes say "cunt" in Deuce. How amazing is that? Read about in my blog...