Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and it's not really that wacky, but the Dr. Seuss novel by the same name was always one of my favorites, so there you go. I used to read that book all the time. So good.

I'm house-sitting this week for Bobbie, and I have to say, I like it. I know, it's barely been one day so far, but having a space all to myself is really nice. I'm house-sitting a lot in the next few months, which should be a nice transition to living on my own, and hopefully it won't be totally lonely. Yes, I shall keep myself company! I will read books! I will cook glorious meals for myself! I will watch reality shows and documentaries! Yes, Alanis, I will walk around naked in my living room! Should be fun, no?

Daily Candy provided these treats for me, and thereby you, today. First, we have LicketyShip, a company that helps you arrange, and provides, 4-hour delivery on almost anything. So cool if you buy things, which I don't at this point, but if you do, this might just be a handy thing to help you out. Second, we have Just a Drop. Apparently this stuff is the savior of the smelly bathroom, so if you're at a party where they're serving a lot of bean dip and dried fruit, you can relieve yourself without worrying about stinking up the place. Score! Third, along the same line of stinky potties we have The Breeza. This handy little device looks something like a toilet seat and takes the stinky potty smell in one end, filters it, and sends the clean smelling air out the other side...I think. Something like that. Apparently it also comes in a version that warms the seat for you. Ok. Cool. Moral of the story: you don't have to have a stinky bathroom! I just keep some matches and a scented candle in there ICE (that's In Case of Emergency, for those not in the know), but if you want a more technologically advanced bathroom deodorant, try these babies out!

Nothing on the JobSearch2007 Front today, but here's a funny story about Google. You know, because I love them and all. I don't love snakes though. This story was actually on the news last night. The things they put on the 11:00 news, I swear...

I found this recipe for "extra easy hummus." I want to make it--it really is "extra easy." Mmm

Oh My Gawd! They're calling it Oedipal Cannibalism! He's going on Drug Binges! Snorting...his father's ashes? Oh Keith Richards, what will you think of next? April Fools? All I know is that there are over 800 news stories about this online today, one titled "Richard Claims the Daddy of All Highs." No joke.

"That makes me feel emotional." Heather Mills, of Dancing With The Stars fame, has a rubber leg, and she's not afraid to show it. But let's not talk about dancing; let's talk about not being a gold digger. Fame! I'm gonna live forever...

Oh, and I finally watched the season finale of The Hills. The look on Lauren's face when Heidi tells her she's moving out: priceless.

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