Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spider Singer and More!

Man, the weather this week. So warm. So nice. But so warm. I feel like I should be shopping for summer clothes...which I am not quite ready to do. Also, where do you find (inexpensive) cute, comfortable, work-appropriate shoes? Right now, I'm pretty much wearing tennis shoes every day, because I walk almost 2 miles to work and don't really enjoy blisters, but I'd like to be all summery and comfortable and sandal-wearing and such...and I have skirts. And I want to wear them. But not with tennis shoes.

Man, I'm even boring myself. On with the cool email links.

First of all, Julie Taymore (who is responsible for the musical version of The Lion King) is making Spiderman, the musical. Oy. It sounds pretty darn bad, if you ask me. I was skeptical from the beginning of the article, but especially once I got to the part about Arachne...my god. Read the article, and you'll see what I mean. I'm almost offended, and I'm not even a big Spiderman expert or fan or anything.

Did you know it's hard to become a chef? And student loans are expensive? Gee, I didn't. (not) Seems like culinary school grads are facing the same challenges everyone else is facing.

This poor turtle. They call him Lonesome George. They're trying to pair him with a mate, so the species doesn't go extinct. I feel bad for the little guy--that's a lot of pressure!

And finally, I haven't watched this yet, but it appears to be interviews with baby boomers on what middle aged sex is like. Um...

Sorry today is so uninspired. But hey, we can't all be winners.

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