Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Googley and Semi-Grown-Up

Life here at Google is pretty good. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is friendly, the gym is awesome, and (so far) the work is not bad. The two people I support (I am an Administrative Associate) are very nice, and totally helpful--they'd never had an admin before, so we're able to work together to see how we can help each other get acclimated to the situation. Mostly I schedule/arrange/move/cancel meetings, and occasionally I plan small events. Eventually I'll probably be doing some travel arrangements, expense reports and the like, but for now, I'm really easing into it all, which is really great. far so good.

The apartment situation is very exciting. I move in the week I get back from Israel, and I'll most likely be spending a few days painting and getting furniture...ah, so fun! And the apartment is directly across the street from my shuttle stop, so my commute will go from 20 minutes (driving and leaving early to make sure I get parking) to about 1 minute (walking across the street). So cool. And naturally, I've already started bookmarking IKEA furniture and daydreaming about finally having my family heirloom dining room set (table that goes from square 2-4 seater to round/oval 6-10 seater, complete with table pads, linens, and a beautiful matching hutch). My grandma bought it when she graduated from UCLA and married her first husband, and it's just beautiful and really good quality, and I love it. Ah, so good to have it back--I'm assuming it will fit in my new place...fingers crossed!

I have two things to share today: the weirdest shoe accessory EVER, and a movie that looks really good. No, I'm not talking about Harry Potter (though I am upset that it comes out while I'm in Israel!).

Tonight I gave myself the night off--on Sunday night, I made a very organized, ambitious-but-very-manageable, super-efficient packing schedule (since I am moving out this weekend!), and I pre-arranged to not pack/clean anything tonight. It is the boy's birthday, and we're going out with friends to Korean good...and I wanted to not feel pressured or guilty that I wasn't packing in order to fully enjoy the delicious cake I baked and the birthday fun of giving gifts! I love birthdays (except when I turned 20, but that's a different story altogether)! I am doing very well on the packing though. This schedule was the best idea ever. I'm getting a ton done, but in small increments, so it's totally not scary. By this weekend, I'll be totally prepared to move my stuff into the basement of my friend's (well former babysitting client's/people I like's) house!

And another plus, at the benefits fair at work today, I got my body fat percentage calculated, and I am smack-dab in the middle between Average and Above Average. Score.


  1. i'm glad to hear you're settling in nicely at the Googleplex. congratulations. I was wondering when you didn't update for several days if they weren't wearing you out.

    My first opera of the season, La Traviata, opens on Saturday. Pretty set! Pretty voices! They're singing in Italian! I have No idea what's going on! Something about TB.

    I think i'm going to go home after my gig ends here and take some AutoCAD classes at the local tech school for a few months. Then think about looking for another gig, maybe in Chicago or Vegas. Or maybe Denver. its pretty nice here.

  2. possibly i am a nerd as much as you said you were sometime a while ago. but i do totally read people's blogs when they are listed on facebook. and, well, you know, you asked for it by friending me, even if you didn't know it. this is emily from work btw.

  3. That's the second time in two days that I've seen reference to spats.