Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, A New Blog To Read!

I have a habit of spending lots (too much) time online. It comes from years of working desk jobs wherein I was not expected to do copious amounts of work, or wherein the work that was supposed to take me all day only took a few hours. I have been working these jobs for many, many years. I am working (interning) one of those jobs right now. Upsides: lots of free time to surf the internet, catch up on the NY Times, read blogs, collect recipes and knitting patterns, send e-cards, look for apartments on the ever-addicting Craigslist (whether or not I actually am thinking about moving is irrelevant), chat with other people who are also sitting at their desks with not much to do, etc. Now, you might be thinking, "That sounds like a pretty sweet deal! What the heck are you complaining about?" Ah, my friend, you have not considered the Downsides: boredom. So much boredom. I'm all about spending time online (duh), but after so many hours, there's only so much you can take. So much. So many. Especially if you're in an internship and you're not even really being paid for it. I've actually hit a point where (gasp!) I want more out of my day than internet vegetation! My body and mind crave more than zoning out in front of the computer screen, waiting for a new email to pop into my inbox and scouring the internet for things to keep my brain even vaguely awake. I don't want to become an internet zombie. I try really hard not to regress into the world of videos and celebrity gossip, and I try to read things that will (as much as possible) enrich my mind or contribute to my well-being. See? Progress. I'm making the most of my could-be-wasted time.

The point? The entire reason for this post? I have a new blog to add to my list of things-to-read-at-work-when-I-can't-possibly-read-and-review-another-play: An English Major's Money. I was linked to it from today's Simple Dollar email, and it's (sigh) just-what-I've-been-looking-for-but-haven't-been-actually-looking-for. (sorry--for some reason I'm loving the hyphens today) The English Major is (like me), a recent college grad trying to live frugally and happily while building the foundation for a Good Real Grown-Up Life. While I love The Simple Dollar, its author is just not in the same place (literally and financially) as I am. While only about 5 years older, he lives in (rural, I think) Iowa (where prices are lower and all that), is married with a baby (and one more on the way), and just bought a house. Yeah, not so much with me. His advice is good for "I should know this and remember it in the future" situations, but doesn't always help me in the now--with the exceptions of a few articles on food and free activities. ANYWAY, The English Major has a whole lot of day-to-day type information on how she's attempting to do basically what I'm attempting to do, and her blog is (mostly) personal finance stuff...whereas mine is a mysterious hodgepodge of whatever I think of (hence the Kitchen Sink idea. ah, I am brilliant!). My favorite grouping of posts from TEM has been the posts labeled QuarterLife Crisis. Ah, the QLC, how I love it. I remember when I thought it was a myth; something made up by 20-somethings who just didn't want to grow up, as a sort of joke in response to the midlife crises our parents were going through. As a recent college graduate and 23-year old person, I realize this is just not so. Ladies and Gents, the Quarter-Life Crisis is alive and kicking. In a big way.

So, what now? First off, I'm thinking of revamping my blog. Just a little. Add a few features, maybe reorganize it a little, we'll see. I don't think much will change, actually, but it's something to think about. I want to make some Firm Financial Goals (long-term, medium-term, emergency fund, all that good stuff) once I get the Big Job (offer still pending...keep your fingers crossed for me!), and I want to document my experience so other people (like me, like The English Major) can get and share ideas...if not just to make myself feel better.

For now, I'm going to try to step away from my desk for a bit. There are boxes of old dramaturgical material just begging me to dig through them. What fun. AND I promise, tomorrow I will (finally) upload those pictures of the not-so-new-now knit bag. I've been using it for weeks. I should really show it off.


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