Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy Busy Busy Bee

I just realized I haven't posted in almost a week, and really, I have just been busy! Things that have kept me occupied, in list form of course:
  1. An impromptu camping trip to Yosemite this past weekend. SO not my usual style, and it took a little talking to myself and forced relaxation every once in a while (like when we were about an hour away and still hadn't gotten in touch with the car we were meeting there to find out where exactly we were camping and when we were meeting them and how we would find them with no cell reception!), but mostly, I let the naturally relaxing beauty of my favorite national park take over. I somehow found it difficult to get stressed out there. There was the brief moment or two of "how the heck are we going to find them!?!?!" panic, but I quickly dismissed it, telling myself that if we didn't find them, we'd make up a backup plan and just enjoy being in nature for a night. While we didn't do the hikes I really wanted to do due to time (Bridalveil Falls, Mist Trail, Tuolomne Meadow), we explored areas I'd never spent much time in (Tuolomne Grove, Rainbow Pool, and Hetch Hetchy). All in all, a very successful trip for my sanity, my happiness, and my trying-to-be-less-of-a-planner goals.
  2. Catching up to the present at I recently decided I was going to read ALL of Dooce's backlogged entries, starting at the very beginning and working my way up to the present day. Yesterday, I caught up. And I'm a little sad.
  3. Going to really cool things at work, like an author talk with Greil Marcus (who wrote Lipstick Traces...) and a cooking class wherein I learned to make potato gnocchi from scratch!
  4. The Google Dance.
  5. Still getting settled in my apartment--I have about 3 more boxes of stuff to put away, and my goal is to figure out where it's all going and put it all away by this weekend. I just made up that goal. Literally, like just now.
  6. Organizing my finances. Thanks to The Boy, I now have a spreadsheet with a fancy formula detailing my pay periods/rent/bills and how I am going to pay back my parents within that time frame. He is awesome. I was totally freaking out about this because I am very bad at math, and numbers scare me a little. He is good at math, and is very patient and good at explaining mathy things to me in a way that is non-threatening, not overwhelming, and mostly understandable (I sometimes understand when he's explaining and then can't repeat it back to him at all). I sure like him a lot.
  7. Wanting this. It would be so perfect for my back porch. Which I totally need to clean out and spruce up. Maybe this weekend.
  8. Making a new list of weekend goals:
    • finish unpacking
    • clean apartment
    • take pictures of apartment
    • spruce up back porch
I think that's a reasonable list. I had to stop myself from adding to it...I tend to do that. Make lists and just keep adding things to them for the sake of organizing Every Last Inch Of My Life. I'm starting to realize that I can't (and shouldn't!) put everything into a category. Some things should be organized, some should not. This is a life lesson I am trying to learn and work on every day. I want to just chill out, take things as they come, and be an anal-organized-planner only when necessary. Cause I am damn good at it, but it's damn stressful to live every minute of every day like that.


  1. My GF made me a solar light exactly like this last Christmas, at a price MUCH cheaper than sold online. I think she found an instructable online, I'll ask her where the site is and pass it along.


    Here's the link

  3. what on earth is a/the google dance?

  4. Google Dance: big social party event for Googlers and people from the SES Conference (some kind of engineering converence). There were pool tables, lounge-style couches, video games, green screen karaoke (where your head gets put on a cartoon body), BBQ, milk shakes, a candy bar (like a salad bar, but Google colored candy), beer and wine, and of course, dancing.

    It was just about as awkwardly awesome as it sounds.

  5. PS - it was on campus, from 7-11pm. Just like a high school dance.

  6. oh my gosh, i've been doing the very same thing. reading every entry on dooce to try to catch up. that's funny cuz i had been reading the blog (only newest entries) for a while before i felt compelled to do so. i am only on like month 6 of her pregnancy or something. you certainly made it through quickly. are you sad because you no longer have that reading to look forard to? or because it was disappointing in some way? do tell.

  7. To answer your question, Julie, I was sad because there was no more to look forward to. It was almost like when I finished Harry Potter. But with about 6 months of being invested in it, not 10 years.

  8. totally. that's why i try to read them VERRRY SLOWWWWLY. :)

  9. yeah so i have also been wanting to make sun jars for ever. perhaps we should have a DIY day?!? we have disturbing mental coincidences. so much so it's really a shame i have been a) busy or b) sick at work every day you are doing fun things i can participate in.

  10. I would LOVE a DIY day! And reader Janine even sent a link (in case you didn't notice) of how to DIY :)