Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets I Totally Want

  • This table grill. Sometimes the George Foreman just doesn't cut it (sorry, George!), and I really want the taste and experience of grilling something (meat. meat. meat. veggies. meat.) over an open flame. Really. Thank you, dad. Too bad this cute little totally-safe-to-use-indoors grill costs around $300. Thank you, Daily Candy for making me Want What I Can't Have.

  • This cutting board set. Now, I'm not ridiculous. I'm not going to spend almost $100 on cutting boards. But if this happened to fall in my lap, or on my counter, I would not complain. It is so neat with its interchangeable surfaces, so hygenic, so colorful. I know they'd just look lovely in my kitchen. Not that my $10 Walgreens (wooden) or $2 Bed Bath and Beyond (flexible plastic) or free (wooden block) cutting boards aren't cutting it. Ha. Cutting it. I cut things. In the kitchen. Sometimes I chop things too. And my cutting and chopping surfaces sufficeth. But these are just That Much Cooler.

  • These cupcake carriers. Or should I say, cupcake couriers? Fun colors, and totally useful. I really need some sort of cake/cupcake carrying/storing device, as leaving it in the pan and covering it with foil just Doesn't Cut It with me...then I don't get to frost the sides and put it on a decorative plate and DUH, what kind of Suzie Homemaker would I be then? My god, I am only 23. Why do I care so much about this stuff? Because I am a total nerd. Whatever. One day, I'll be in my late 30's or early 40's, and I'll have the kid who always has friends over because his/her mom makes delicious cake/cupcakes/cookies. All the time.

SO, I like kitchen things. I also like IKEA. I also like my new apartment. Strike that. I LOVE my new apartment. And I promise I'll post pictures soon...as soon as it's presentable enough to present to the internet. The end.

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  1. yes yes and yes. I LOVE the grill--how cool! I wonder how hard/easy it is to clean.