Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Champion List-Maker

So, as you probably know if you've read a few of these blog entries, I like to make lists. I don't just like it, I love it. I excel at it. I could probably win a list-making competition. I rule at lists. Something to be proud of? Probably not. But here's another list, because that is the way I like to organize my thoughts.
  1. I have to go to Target and possibly IKEA for work today (to buy Legos and pillows and other such decorative items for the new lounge I set up). I am way too excited about this.
  2. I have been feeling a little guilty lately because my most recent blogs have basically been me posting videos and saying "go watch this" without any explanation. I always get annoyed when bloggers do this, because sometimes I am at work while I am reading and can't watch a video. Sometimes I can only read quietly. But here I am, having posted far too many "check out this video" posts...mostly out of laziness. I am too lazy. New Year's Resolution: Don't Be Lazy!
  3. I have made approximately 3 different holiday gift lists. These are not wish lists, these are lists of each person I am getting a holiday gift for and what I am getting them, including different colors for whether or not the gift has been purchased. I am so damn organized I annoy myself. Why the multiple lists, you ask? Well, since you're so interested, I'll tell you. The first was online, using Google Docs, because I was thinking about it while at work, and wanted to be able to access the list even if I couldn't find the piece of paper it was written on. The second was on a piece of paper, because I realized I couldn't take the online list shopping with me unless I printed it out, which I was too lazy to do because I was curled up on the couch (there happened to be paper and pen nearby) and my printer is in the bedroom. The third was on paper at work, because I had left my original paper one at home and wanted to see if I could remember everything to know how much Google Schwag to order online. The fourth I am thinking about making right now, because nothing says Holiday Season like a list. Also, I am anal and want to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone/thing before I make my work-related Target run...you know...since I'll be there anyway.
  4. I don't know what I would do if I found out that Target had bad employee practices or something.
  5. Same goes for Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  6. And IKEA.
  7. I am going home for post-Chanukkah tomorrow. The next few weeks look like this: Los Angeles (5 days), work (4 days), Oregon/Washington (8 days), Berkeley/New Year's/no work (4 days). Basically, in the next 3 weeks, I am working for 4 days. And only using 6 of my vacation days. I love the holidays.
  8. One of my co-workers brought in a huge tin of holiday cookies from her dad. I will be eating them soon. I have also been eating a ton of holiday cookies that I made in a cooking class at work. I love cookies.
  9. My BFF Reed makes really nice hats, and I have been wearing the ones she has made me almost every day, and getting tons of compliments. She should feel free to make me as many hats as she wants to.
  10. My cube at work looks like the holidays vomited all over it. I need to take pictures, but I left my camera at home. It's a crappy camera anyway. When I get back next week, I'll be sure to post pictures. I think.
Well, the list has 10 items, and I'm anxious to go to Laura's cube and fill my mouth with cookies, so that will have to suffice for now. Oh, and the holiday party dress? Totally a success. Thank you, Oprah and Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor).


  1. Oh yay, you found my blog! Hope you're having a nice vacay down in LA. Can't wait to check out your swanky new lounge. :)

  2. Kim! I love Reed's hats. I am now obsessed. Do you know that I JUST finished crocheting (looks like "crotch-eting") a hat and I thought "how cute would this be with a flower embellishment? Wish I knew how to do that." So funny how these ideas circulate at the same time!