Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday. That is all.

I have been having a crazy week, and today is no exception. I have a brief moment to pause and reflect while I anxiously (seriously, though) await my delivery from IKEA. This has been one of the greater hassles of my life, and all I can say is my co-workers better appreciate the deluxe new lounge I am setting up! The delivery is supposed to arrive "between noon and 4pm," and it is currently 3:20pm. There's not much in this world that is more frustrating than waiting for a delivery. Why do they always come at the end? And why do I have a meeting that starts at 4pm? And why do I have a sick feeling that this isn't going to be easy?

In other news, here are two videos for you to watch. They are funny. You should watch them.

  1. Give the Jew Girl Toys. I do love Sarah Silverman, and this video is just more reason to.
  2. Here Comes Another Bubble. A Cappella meets Dot Com. I thought it was pretty funny.

Also, my new party dress (in "mauve," which is the burgundy one) just arrived today. I tried it on in the bathroom at work (couldn't wait to get home!!!), and was a little underwhelmed. Sad. Sad. Sad. But that's what happens when you get your expectations up too high. It's really quite pretty, and I think once I practice and learn to tie it right, and wear heels (instead of my jeans pushed down around my ankles because I was too hurried to take them off), it will actually look nice. Of course, now that I ordered it, it's on sale for $30 less than I bought it for (which, admittedly was $70 less than the original price), so that's a little annoying, but oh well. I needed it ASAP, for the holiday party at work this weekend.

I want to go home and try it on and look fabulous and indulge my girlieness! I do! Also, I kind of want to curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and knit while I watch HGTV. Ah, it's looking to be quite an evening.

Happy Chanukkah, All!


  1. brilliant! ha.

    did you watch the Painful Decline one? I just saw Ave. Q on Sunday, and laughed uproariously.

    or, rather, i would have, but i appear to have hurt my back in my sleep, so i chuckled mirthfully.

  2. I haven't watched that, actually, but I have seen Ave. Q -- it is tremendous!