Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh. My. God.

This trailer just gave me the chills. I am so excited, I can't even tell you. Who wants to see this with me? Seriously, I haven't been this excited about a movie in a LONG time.


  1. Yeah, not so much. I get a little bitter about previews that give away the whole movie. Grrrr.

    I'm already giddy about this one:


  2. Well, there's nothing in the preview that's not common knowledge. And by "common" I mean "obsessed with 16th century England." The book is also really, really good. I forgot to mention that in my post.

  3. Well, for those of us who are completely historically ignorant, we don't like the endings ruined. I don't want to know who is going to win at the end of civil war movies! Haha.

  4. Yes, yes of course! You must wait for me or at least see it agian!