Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's History, Courtesy of Sara's Website. Valentine's Thoughts, Courtesy of Me.

I don't have much to say about Valentine's Day...I'm not a huge fan of it (though you wouldn't be able to tell by the way I super-decked-out the meeting room for the meeting I helped to plan...or by the way I decorated my cube. I think I just like decorating.). I mean, in my day-to-day life, I try to have flowers and chocolate around at all times, so what makes Valentine's Day special? And why is TODAY the day when you show others how much you love them? I try to tell people I love them whenever the thought pops into my head (which usually leads The Boy to respond with, "What did I do?"). So again...why is this day different from all other days?

I don't really know.

Because our significant others should feel compelled to get us a little gift? Because we wear pink and red? I don't know.

Sara journaled a funny little thing about V-Day that I thought I'd share. It's a little different, and a lot fun. Enjoy.

Almost V Day Wow. Do NOT go look up St. Valentine. There's a whole mess of facts and people and disjointed stories that I can't make sense of. Booooooring.
I will admit that I don't know the story of St. Valentine but i THOUGHT that I did. And what I thought i knew as fact was kind of a nice little story. So, i'll go ahead and disseminate false truth as long as you agree to remember that I'm kind of making this up from a half memory that I thought I heard on the History Channel. :)

St. Valentine's Day: by Sara Bareilles (and the history channel of my mind)

once upon a time there was terrible unrest in a faraway land. (History Channel ALWAYS talks about faraway lands.) A tyrannical King was being an a**hole and told everybody that they couldn't get married anymore. (he might have said something like, "I decree that there will be no more marriages until.....blah blah blah.") I don't know what he was so pissed off about. But he said he would kill any priest who married people, and the people who tried to get married. Sucks for them.
Among those people was one (ta-daaaah!) ST. VALENTINE. Who decided that in the name of love he would continue to marry people and uphold the value of two souls finding each other. And so he did. And then everyone in the kingdom was happy again and the King ran away and a good kind Queen took over. Yay for that.

the end.

*this is completely made-up. get over it.

Happy Day of Loving.

Oh, and PS - WHY do some people pronounce it "Valentime's" Day? That makes no sense. It's spelled with an "n," not an "m," people!


  1. Tell Sara that she's a hoot! (I'm calling it "frilly heart day" myself.)

  2. i love it. valentine's day is typically "indian restaurant day" in my house.

    OMG normally on Indian Restaurant day i find myself welling up with tears from the spice, but this time i welled up from the cute--an elderly couple were eating quietly when a barbershop quartet, all in tuxes with rose boutonnières, minimum age 65, came up and serenaded her in 4-part harmony. It was adorable. I didn't know the song, but it sounded old. I think every woman in the place was in tears by the end. The whole restaurant applauded.

    I just sneezed and scared my cat off. Whoops.

  3. I think people say "Valentimes" Day as a pun on the proper name...right? I hope so.

  4. My husband grew up in the hood. I asked him about Valentime's Day, and he suggested going to the libary and aksing someone about the mantality of people who say Valentime's Day.