Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Famous Friends: A New Tag

So, I've decided to do a better job gushing/talking about my friends who are having success out there in the world...and I am hereby resolving (a little late for New Year's) to write more about my friends' successes. Because I am proud of them. And am maybejustalittlebit living vicariously through them. I will be labeling these posts "Famous Friends," and if you want to know all about the cool things my friends are doing, you can just click that little label and read all you like.

To kick things off, I've gone back through my old posts and labeled all the ones I could find. I'll also make a short list of recent developments that have made me smile, right here, right now:
  • Sara = everywhere. I was at H&M the other day, heard "Love Song" on their music system. Girls in the dressing room were singing along. Crossed the street to Old Navy. Heard "Fairytale" playing on their music system. Thought I was in the Twilight Zone. Yesterday, "Love Song" was playing at the gym at work. This is so cool-weird. It should really stop surprising me at this point, but it doesn't. Oh, and Whoopie Goldberg loves Sara, too.
  • Lady Danville (Formerly Mikey G and Dan From Danville) is doing really well. This week, they finish their month-long residency at the Hotel Cafe. I remember a certain other musician who used to do month-long residencies at the Hotel Cafe...I'm just saying is all. Personally, I cannot stop listening to them. I love it, I love them. I'm so proud.
  • Passing Strange is doing well; I keep seeing glowing reviews pop up on these here internets. If you missed them on NPR, like I did, click here to listen.
  • Brett is going to be on House. I don't watch the show, but that is effing cool.

In other news, I think I'm going to go to NY in May. Yeah?

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