Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday: In Review

So, in yesterday's post, I wrote about all the things I want to do this weekend. I've been doing so well so far, that I just thought I would post about it. Self-serving, sure, but I'm having a good time relaxing.

Last night, I did indeed make pizza and watch The Philadelphia Story. There was no popcorn, but I did shower and put on PJ's as soon as I walked in the door, and I even got in bed at 10:20! 10:20! And that's after sort of falling asleep on the couch at the end of the movie! I know. Amazing.

This morning, after approximately 12 hours of sleep (12 hours! WHAT?) I awoke to this (see picture). My downstairs neighbor deals antiques, and he was having a bit of a yard sale. Or, I should say, a driveway/parking space sale. As you can see, none of the other neighbors had their cars parked in the parking area this morning, and he set up all of his antiques on tables there...forming a nice little blockade around my car. He was incredibly nice about it; he moved things out of the way so I could get out, directed me so I didn't hit anything (it was a very narrow pathway), and even gave me a really nice vintage poster and cool box free of charge to make up for it. Still, I thought it was kind of funny.

After easing my way out, I headed to the farmer's market. Much success. Dropped off tickets for someone at Berkeley Rep, cashed a check, and off to Bay Street I went. Turns out, a few of the things I bought at Banana Republic were on sale, so I got some money back, and I bought a pretty shirt that was on sale. I couldn't help stopping at Teacake for those orange peel cookies, and what do you know, they had some day-old mexican chocolate brownies on almost 50% off sale. Sold! After a stop at Trader Joe's, I was done.

I had planned to do the big dusting/Swiffering tomorrow, but I ended up doing it today. I usually end up dusting in the late afternoon, when the sun hits all the surfaces in my apartment at the right angle for seeing every spec of I just did it. It doesn't take very long; I don't know why I don't do it more regularly. Once a week is my goal, and really, I should just do it.

Megan came over for craft night, which consisted of us eating some veggies and dip and knitting/crocheting a bit while watching tv and chatting. Pretty low-key, but very nice. It's almost 11pm, and I'll probably go to bed soon. Ah, this is what I call a weekend.

Apologies for the sort of annoying "and this is what I did today" post, but I just felt like getting it out there. Maybe someone is interested. Maybe not. Whatever, it's my blog.


  1. One of the many joys of communal parking. I definitely would have been like ummmm.... thanks for the advance notice. But at least he was nice about it. And gave you stuff. Speaking of sutff, did you see this on dooce yet?

    So cute! They don't have THAT many items but yeah...the ones they DO have? Super cute. And I love dooce's Bear salt n' pepa shakers. Oh! also on the website there's this mini potted plant thingy... I can't tell just HOW mini they are (which is weird, like, list the dimensions or something, people!) but super cool. Thought these items would be up your alley.


  2. Yes, unfortunately I did go to :-) I love the little campfire tealight holder, but I wish it was for a real candle.

  3. Ohhh... it's not? Lame. I liked it too.

  4. I definitely don't miss not having a parking space for people to take up with their junk--ahem, antiques--although I will say sidewalk sales can be a tiny bit awkward in New York.

    Thanks for all of your posts on my blog, Kim! It's nice to know that some people actually do read my stuff. :) And Thanks for the forewarning about the virus...hope you didn't find that out through experience!

  5. Good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read!