Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Warm Weather, Not A T-Shirt

As the weather has been getting much warmer lately, I have been shying away from the long (even 3/4 sleeve!) shirts in my wardrobe. This is problematic, as the majority of my short-sleeved shirts are T-shirts, tank tops, or shirts that used to be my "nicer than a t-shirt" shirts...which are no longer as nice, due to overwearing them last summer. Apparently, when I had my shopping spree a few weeks ago, I neglected to buy spring/summer shirts. So...on my to do list is now nicer-than-t-shirt type short sleeved tops.

Any ideas? Naturally, I love Anthropologie, but I feel weird paying $50+ for something that is just slightly nicer than a T-shirt.


  1. I hear ya! My favorite place for those types of shirts (like for work/a nice-ish night on the town) is Ann Taylor Loft (Ann Taylor is just OK... the Loft is where it's AT, yo!) Do you have those in the Bay Area? They usually have pretty extensive sale sections too!

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