Thursday, April 24, 2008

California Golden Moms

The Boy writes for a rather popular Cal-Athletics-Themed Blog, The California Golden Blogs (link to change soon, once the blog is officially a part of SBN, which is apparently somewhat of a big deal. I don't know much about the sports-blogging world, but this is what I am told). Anyway, there has been some drama going on over at the Golden Blogs in the last week, which you can read a little about here, but the point of this blog post is that there was a special guest-post this week.

I would just like to provide a quotation from said recent guest-post, written by The Boy's mother, who went with him to a practice earlier this week (just what every mom wants to do when she's in town visiting her son, right? Just kidding. Well...) - it cracked me up.
"Like the brother, #19 stands about 6′7" and has the really long legs. I’m guessing he wears about a size 15 shoe, which you can only buy on-line."

It's just so very mom-like, and it just made me smile.

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