Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am So Congested I Can't Name This Post

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you...The Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer. She may exhibit signs of drowsiness, grumpiness, discomfort, and child-like behavior (ie: whining, selfishness and curling up into the fetal position). This is likely caused by the feeling that her head is no longer firmly attached to her neck, but is rather floating like a heavy balloon somewhere just above it. Also, the stuffy nose, puffy sinuses, and scruffy appearance (caused by chapped nostrils, and a lack of desire to keep up appearances) do not help the cause. She is most assuredly feeling disoriented, with the inability to focus due to the swollen sinus cavities in her face. She probably also has a headache that won't quit, and has gone through several boxes of tissue in the last two days.

Please approach her with caution, as she has not yet received antibiotics [note: she HAS tried Tylenol Severe Allergy and Wal-itin, to no avail. Those are for chumps. She needs the perscription drugs.] - hopefully, for all our sakes, she will get them tonight.


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  1. I AM SORRY! my allergies when crazy when I moved out here, and when the doctor told me I had sinusitis for the first time he was like, "yeah, the right side of your face looks a little swollen". So, for the next few days I was just grumpy that he said my face looked swollen.