Wednesday, April 2, 2008


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Not quite the every-day purse, but I like it kind of a lot.

This is more along the lines of the every-day purse, except I'm not sure about the flap. And it's pricey.

Love this one...a little big, a little expensive (a lot expensive).

A possibility, but not quite the right color.

I love this it worth the money?

I stopped looking once the prices got into the $150 range. Just can't imagine spending $150 for a purse. Thoughts on those pictured?


  1. hm, I still don't see my perfect dream purse, but the black one is close. i could totally afford it if I didn't eat or drive for a month.

  2. Purse advice? That I can do! In my opinion it's not necessarily bad to spend $150 on a purse, but I can't say I'd be willing to spend $150 on a Lucky Brand or Fossil purse. Bags are the one place where I go for "brand," as it were...especially in a leather purse. You want to be sure you're getting the quality you're paying for. I think the best purse-buying strategy is to hit the high-end stores' sale tables. Nordstrom and nicer Macy's stores are good places to try. I know that's more work than one is sometimes in the mood to do, and not a sure bet, anyway, but sometimes it can lead to a really nice purse going home with you for way less than the original price. Since you've been a fan of BR recently (I hear that!) I'd recommend checking out their sale bags, too...their leather goods are overpriced, but beautifully done...and on sale they may have some sale stuff in the range you're looking for...

  3. Oh, and about the Roxy purse...I meant to mention: I used to wear Roxy when I was younger, growing up in a beach town and all...but I stopped wearing their clothes because they were shoddily made and tended to fall apart. I'd be worried about the cotton fabric separating from the top (canvas?)part.

  4. it looks like you're getting into mega-sized purses. they scare me. my mom consistently carries mega-purses and they're always jam-packed with...well, crap. i can't endorse purse purchasing. as long as i've got my wallet, phone, and keys stashed in my back pockets and clipped to my belt, i can always find what i need. if i need to carry more i'll grab a canvas tote or backpack.

    the one at the very end with smooth lines is attractive, though. too many buckles and flaps get annoying, particularly if they're functionless. you might say i have a utilitarian approach to accessorizing. i'm no help, am i?

  5. Erin - I'm with you on the Roxy-quality thing. And yeah, $150 just doesn't seem worth it for those. I don't want to spend money like this if it's not stellar quality. I'll have to hit Nordstrom Rack or something.

    Kristen - I don't like "functionless" utility things either. What's the point in "decorative" buckles? I just don't tend to think they look good. I'm not too keen on a giant purse, just something that's big enough for wallet, keys, tissue, phone, etc. Sadly, my back pockets don't tend to be spacious enough to hold anything more than a credit card and driver's license.

  6. I would like to share a purse story.
    One day over a year ago, I saw the perfect purse at Banana Republic. Having heard good things about their purses, I went for it. It was $175. I opened a BR credit card (which I then promptly cancelled). I bought the purse. AND I HAVE WORN IT EVERY DAY SINCE.
    It's in great condition and I still love the style. I realized it was worth it to spend that amount and never buy another purse again and never worry about changing purses. So I definitely recommend BR and I also recommend splurging a little bit to get the right thing.

  7. i like #2 and 3. but this may be too late. but at any rate i believe that as adults we can afford to get one purse if it's going to be THE purse. banana was a good suggestion, also urban outfitters sometimes has purses that are real leather and cute.