Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sruli Recht

Jon Carroll wrote this bit about designer Sruli Recht, of whom I had previously not heard. Mr. Recht (Sruli?) is quite the artiste, apparently, when it comes to (in my opinion) pretentious clothing-as-art, art-as-life, life-as-metaphor type things. It's sort of like the J. Peterman catalog, but for high-fashion I guess (since there are no prices on his pieces, and he lists "exhibitions" and "awards received").

Take his website, for example, which states:
this site is not here. do not look at it.
it has been deconstructed
and all The Kings horses are putting it back together.

then you will have more non-product,
charicouture and robo-coco accidents to look at

sewing is a contact sport

Yeah. That's what I thought. I never really understood the high-fashion thing, despite many hours of America's Next Top Model (which, regrettably, I will never get back), and frankly, I don't think I ever will. And that's ok with me.

Speaking of J.Peterman, I'd never actually looked through the catalog with any interest before...but I just went to the website to get the link for this post, and I must say, there are some lovely things in there! Erin, this hat is looking at you! Too bad it's all *just* out of my budget...


  1. The link didn't quite work. :( But did you mean the black cloche hat? Because that hat is indeed fabulous, I agree...

  2. That's so weird. I copy-pasted the link; it should work. Oh well, I'm glad you found the hat anyway.