Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've written a little before about my friend Taylor, who is currently on tour with Jersey Boys. I've probably seen the show 6 times, and I think I've seen him do all of the roles he understudies - including Frankie Valli (in Seattle; and yes, I was already in the area). He's super talented, and ridiculously motivated and focused. Also, he is (almost) always patient with me when I have computer questions (oh yeah, he's also kind of brilliant with technology); plus he was fantastic when my family and friends saw the show in San Francisco, taking us all on a backstage tour and explaining all the little secrets behind making the show run smoothly. Run-on sentence. Oh well.

Anyway, recently wrote an article about what it's like to be on tour, featuring a rather long interview with Taylor. If you want to catch Taylor in the act, here's a clip from the Jersey Boys cast's rock concert to benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, at The Shout House in Minneapolis.

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