Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, Sterling

A friend from college posted something on Facebook about watching Sterling on YouTube, so I couldn't resist searching for him.

Check out this classic clip from All My Children. Oh, Sterling. Such a cad.


  1. a cad indeed. Kimmy, if you and all your internets buddies could go to these xanga sites and tell them to vote for me for xanga idol, that would be awesome. And i would do something internet related to thank you :-P

    Rob - DrugInducedDuck
    Chris - Cakalusa
    Dan - TheTheologiansCafe
    Shannon - Seargent_Peppers
    Arie - Theblackspiderman
    Stefanie - Steffs_Confessions

  2. oh yeah, make sure you say rveblade, not josh, because no one on the internets knows who i am otherwise