Monday, May 19, 2008

Scrubs: Guy Love

I think this is my favorite song from one of my favorite Scrubs episodes.

Makes me smile.

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  1. thanks for the video updates. you have a heap!

    Passing Strange is AWESOME. Turns out, Becca and my sister were housemates in college, and Stew's assistant was in a show my sister LD'd last week, so we got hella awesome seats for hella cheap. Woo hoo sister! Its not our set anymore, though the hydraulic lifts may be the same--the deck is raked now and the light wall separates (part of it flies out.) there's another build house credited with the chairs, but they look Exactly like the ones Ashley et al. built, so I'm curious.

    anyway, it was awesome. and i got to work on a show! off-off-off-off-off Broadway, but it was nice to do some scenic wrangling. Very brief, mind--i just gave my sister a hand for a bit--but mm, it was good.

    Anyway. guy love is going to be running through my head for a while now.