Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Half Dome. An Adventure Forthcoming.

So, for The Boy's birthday, he has decided he wants to hike Half Dome. For those who don't know anything about Half Dome, click here. It is approximately a 14 mile hike roundtrip, and involves climbing (using cables) a very steep slope of a very tall rock. I am a little bit intimidated. It was always one of those things I thought I'd never actually do, and now I might actually do it. The 7 miles to and 7 miles from the Dome are intimidating enough, nevermind the actual rock itself. I was just reading this guy's post about hiking it in a day (thanks, Google), and I'm still a little intimidated. But I'm going for it. It will be an Adventure.

Does anyone out there have experience doing it? Tips? Am I nuts?

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  1. Hi Kim! You'll do fine. Take plenty of water, start very early and get off the dome by the afternoon. And bring food. I gave away lots of water at the base of the dome to people who didn't plan ahead. Take pictures and have fun!!

    - Patsy