Friday, June 20, 2008

NY Wrapup

So. I'm back from NY. What a crazy trip! Day-by-day, here's how it all went down (with a slideshow at the end for those of you who like pictures).

I arrived Friday night around midnight, and got to my apartment around 1:45am. I spent about half an hour debating whether to shower or go to bed. I chose shower (traveling makes me feel gross), and didn't get in bed until around 2:30am. Didn't fall asleep till after 3. Then, at 6, the alarm in the other (vacant) bedroom went off. It took me a while to figure out what that beeping was, but I finally stumbled over to it and got it to shut off. Or, um, snooze. Around 20 minutes later, it started up again. That was fun. I finally got it to shut off and went back to sleep. Until my alarm went off at 8:30. Reluctantly, I got out of bed and got out the door - had to get to the Belasco by 10 to get rush tickets for Passing Strange!

My journey to the theatre started off...not quite right. I had looked up directions on HopStop from my place to E44th St instead of W44th I ended up taking the wrong train for a while and found myself walking around Grand Central Station and the streets nearby. Once I realized I wasn't quite in the right area, I pulled out my BlackBerry, Googled the theatre, and clicked the link to Google Maps. I realized where I needed to go, and got there (though I did ask several people along the way, just to make sure I could do things like cut through Grand Central Station). Tickets purchased, I headed into Times Square and naiively figured I would just wander around a bit until meeting up with Elon to see the show. I didn't realize it would A) be so hot, B) be so humid, and C) be so crowded. In hindsight, yeah. Times Square in the middle of summer. Duh. What was I thinking? I ended getting an iced mocha and sitting in the lobby of the building next to the we-have-no-seating Starbucks, I called my friend Ryan. He suggested I head down to a bookstore a few blocks away, but I got distracted by a Starbucks that had seating, and I was so damn hot that I couldn't resist. Yes, I went to a 2nd Starbucks. I wrote in my journal, sipping my iced coffee, and felt quite like a hipster. But I was cooling off, so I didn't mind.

I met up with Elon and saw the show, which was quite different from the Berkeley Rep production in many ways, but was still great fun. After chatting with Stew for about an hour, we decided to head up to Elon's office for a bit. Oh, did I mention it was pouring outside? And my poor beautiful yellow satin ballet flats are ruined? Sad. After hanging out at his office and dealing with some Major Broadway Drama (they don't have their tickets! oh no! let's get them tickets! ...ah, the life of a press rep), we went back out to the theatre. He saw August: Osage County (which one about a billion Tonys), and I, November (David Mamet, Nathan Lane, Laurie Metcalf, Awesome). Twas a good night, even though I had to end it early and skip karaoke with Jessica - too tired!!! I ended up falling asleep around 3am...not quite early, but naturally once I got to the apartment I wasn't quite tired enough to fall asleep.

Sunday, I slept in until around 10:30am. Luxurious! Still less than 8 hours of sleep! I met Mikey for a delicious brunch (complete with peach bellini...mmm), and we walked over to Central Park. She showed me the sights, from Turtle Pond, to canoe-ing on the lake, to the Alice in Wonderland statue, to the Upper East Side (not in the park, but we had to wander for a while to find an ATM), and it was quite lovely indeed. After stopping by a local market to pick up food, I was ready to have people over for the Tonys! Rachel and Peter came over, and we ate and watched what I thought was a pretty great show. Too bad ratings are at an all time low...where are all the theatre loving TV watchers!?!?! Sigh.

Monday, I went to work at the NY office, and felt like I was going to fall asleep most of the day - guess I was still not adjusted to the time and crazy lifestyle of being on a trip like this. Monday night, I met up with Elon again, and he walked me down through The Village (West? East? I don't remember. Both?) and we met my (other) friend Rachel at her bookstore, the Super Way Awesome Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. It's in SoHo, and it is really great. I wish I could have spent more time hanging out there. If you're anywhere near the area, check it out! We went to a fun little bar, Tom & Jerrys. Apparently they sometimes show movies there sometimes, though there weren't any that night. I got a little lost on the way home, or I almost got lost anyway...thanks to two very nice young gentlemen, I figured out where to go. Yay!

Tuesday, I had another crazy day at work, and after many many missed connections due to his lack of a cell phone, met up with Sterling for some fantastic burritos, margaritas, and "we haven't seen each other in two years?!?!??!" conversation.

Wednesday, I worked from the apartment for a bit, had brunch with Rachel (not bookstore Rachel) at the amazing Popover Cafe, and worked some more. Elon came over for a little bit, and I grabbed a cab to the airport at around 2:15pm (eastern time). By the time I got back to my apartment in Berkeley, it was after 10pm (pacific time), and I was wiped. I didn't actually unpack until tonight, and I'm finally starting to feel back on track. I'm looking forward to this relaxing weekend...the first time I've had to pick up my apartment in over a month! Phew!

All in all, a great trip. It was crazy, yes. Absolutely crazy. But quite fun. I got to see a lot of people I hardly ever get to see, reunions were had and new friendships were formed. In writing this, I've realized how many of my friends have websites, so I've linked to them all when appropriate. They are awesome, and deserve recognition for their awesomeness.

I'm too tired and hot to edit this, so I hope you liked it and it wasn't too monotonous. Happy 1st Day Of Summer. The end.

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