Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Raining Jane Makes People Happy

A friend of mine at work is having a bad day. In her words, "[she] is pms'ing her head off crying over a boy and no converse slip ons in her size." It happens to the best of us. And when we have days like this, we all need a little help getting through them. This is why we have friends who don't care if we whine to them over IM/phone/a bowl of ice cream. And mantras.

In addition to my mantras, I have been using music to get me through my afternoon. I started off with the usual Sara Bareilles (yeah, I know Love Song is everywhere, but it still makes me tap my fingers and shake my shoulders to emphasize the rhythm), since she always seems to get stuck in my head when I want something to listen to to make scheduling meetings more pleasant. Today, I also decided to make a little pit stop at the myspace page of the lovely ladies known as Raining Jane. And man, is their music making me happy. So happy, that I demanded that my friend go to their myspace page and listen to Incline and Pinball, which I think are guaranteed to make you bop around a little in your seat.

These girls just make me happy. Their songs are very good, and they are incredibly talented musicians. Just see them live if you don't believe me - they are one of those bands that has a great recorded sound and then just blows it out of the water when they are live.

I just found out that they're going to be in Berkeley in September, and I am definitely going to be there.

Now, if you're having a rough day, go listen to some RJ and feel better!

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  1. Ooo Raining Jane...I'm liking. I've been desperately seeking new music lately. Poppy and fun is perfect.