Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Goals for Tonight

Tonight I would like to:
  • re-plant my Mystery IKEA Plant: I bought potting soil last weekend, and I've been meaning to do it. The poor thing is squished in the tiny plastic pot it came in, and I've been wanting to put it in the shiny new yellow pot for a while. I'm starting to think it's going to outgrow the yellow pot soon too though...
  • plant my window box garden: the poor plants are still in their paper/plastic containers from Whole Foods/Trader Joe's, and I want to make them happy. However, they are currently not happy anyway, because it has been so hot and they have no shade in my little window box. Basil, lemon verbena and oregano all said to plant in full sun...but I guess my full sun was too much for the little guys? Should I plant them and hope for the best, or just get new plants and start over? Can they be saved?? Should I get them an umbrella?
  • pick up around my apartment: even though I just did a semi-good cleaning (go laundry, go!), I still have quite a bit of picking up to do, and there's a hefty pile of bills/pay stubs sitting on top of my files, that should go inside the files. I know, silly me.
  • read. If you read my shared items, you'll know that I've been thinking about reading today, and that I should be reading more. I've got a few (ha! understatement of the decade!) books that need reading, and I'd like to start one!
And that's about it. Maybe catch up on the episode of Legally Blonde I missed. Poor Natalie got voted off. :-(

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