Friday, August 1, 2008

Al Gore

So, I think it's funny that both Dooce and Crazy Aunt Purl reference Al Gore inventing the internet (Crazy Aunt Purl has many more references than that one post, but I only felt it necessary to link to one. And then to explain myself, apparently.).

I thought it was just a Crazy Aunt Purl thing, but when Dooce mentioned it recently, I felt I needed to do a bit of research. Was there some whole "Al Gore Invented The Internet" movement of which I was unaware?

Apparently so.


  1. u are out of the internets loop. Al gore invented the series of tubes years ago. All your internet are belong to him

    actually...he did work on pentagons arpanet, the predecessor to the internet, so his comment is not entirely off

  2. do you remember all the commercials and controversy when he ran for prez? they made gore sound like a tool for over-stating his involvement in creating the internet. i think bush called him a lyer and blah blah blah.