Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Driving Directions: New Instructional Video

Check out the (latest and greatest) instructional video from the Google Maps team. I got to help write the script and even contribute to the directing a bit...it's actually quite informative, and I think it's somewhat entertaining as well (and that's a real, live, Google Maps engineer doing all the talking too!) ;-)

PS - When I first posted this, it was auto-playing, which I thought was pretty annoying. I don't like when you go to a website and instantly there's sound or music or something (especially if I'm going to said website while at work, and I don't have the headphones plugged in). I decided to investigate to see if I could fix it...and lo and behold: there was something in the code that said "autoplay=1"!!! Laura, one of my awesome engineers, showed me that by changing it to "autoplay=0" the video would no longer automatically play! Hooray for engineers! I totally learned something about coding today!

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