Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Apartment

I mentioned recently that I was all excited because I made my apartment all fall-ish. Here are some photos I promised you!

pumpkins and candles!

ah, the warm glow by a prickly plant

a table full of fall...oh, and a turtle from kauai filled with chocolate/macadamia nut chocolate

bowl of scented fall stuff

another view of the pumpkins and candles...and yes, the candles smell like pumpkin and spice

another fall-stuff basket

pumpkin-cranberry-oat muffin with tea (and silicone baking cup!)

pumpkin-chocolate chip-oat muffin...


  1. Because Jessie emailed me and asked for the recipe for the muffins, here it is:

    -1 box trader joe's pumpkin bread mix
    -2 eggs, blah blah what it says on the box except use 1/2 cup applesauce instead of oil
    pour in some oats (aka instant oatmeal), however many look good
    -add chocolate chips, as many as you want. or cranberries. walnuts might be good in this too.

    bake according to directions on the box - For bread or muffins, whatever you want. If you have silicon baking cups like I do (thanks, Reed!), you get to experience the fun that is popping the muffins out of the muffin cups. If not, just use your favorite method of muffin-baking.

    it's so easy!

  2. i'm so impressed! i can't let ryan see your blog (it's bookmarked on his mac; i usually insist he check out particular posts) or he'll try to send me to ms kim's fabulous school of home ec,

  3. I really appreciate your sense of interior design. I wish I had your sense of vision!

    Impliment disqus on your blog.


  4. Thanks, Tay! Looking into Disqus...