Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, to make you all insanely jealous, here are a few select photos from our recent trip to Kauai...we kayaked, snorkeled, hiked, and yes, spent some time just hanging out on the beach. It was a glorious and much-needed week away (ah, to be a grown-up, taking a real grown-up vacation!), and it was certainly difficult to come back to work. More vacation, please! :-)


saw this hanging up on a tree branch...

we kayaked to a rainforest and hiked to this giant waterfall, where we got to swim!

beautiful beach, almost sunset

from our hike up to kalalau valley - we also saw this view from the water one day...

ahhh beach

sunset at ke'e beach

If you're ever going to Kauai (or any of the Hawaiian islands), I highly recommend The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook (available for any of the islands). It was the only book recommended by every single person I asked, and it absolutely was the best thing we purchased for the trip...except maybe the flights and hotel. Maybe it was even better than the hotel.


  1. Ooo, this is beautiful! Hurray for vacation!

  2. Yeah right, Kim. Either you have an amazing camera or you just vacationed at a Hawaiian PostCard Shoppe. Clearly, the latter.


  3. ahh insanely jealous indeed. welcome back!

  4. I am rather jealous too. Someday....*sigh*