Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LA and Tying the Knot

I was in LA this weekend, and saw this lovely sunset from my high school campus (was there to see my lil sis in Noises Off).

And then I went to Phoenix, where I witnessed the wedding of two good friends from college: my roommate of two years and the friend who set us up.

And somehow, I accidentally tied this knot in my camera cord. Kristen, can you tell me what kind of knot this is?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. it's a figure eight knot used for the rock climbing! I do those!

  2. figure-eight follow through, or as is probably the case, figure eight on a bight.
    (follow through, you tie an 8, loop the end of your line through your shackle or what have you, then trace the 8 in reverse back to the top. bight you bend the line in half and tie the figure 8 with both ends of line at the same time.)

    its a beautiful knot, much like the results of what appears to have been a beautiful wedding. thanks for sharing.