Monday, November 17, 2008

Stew, Stew, Marvelous Stew

The Boy got it in his head last night that he wanted to make the stew that his mom and grandma used to make. So we whipped up* a batch of stew, complete with SpƤtzle (or Spatzen), which we made by hand thankyouverymuch!

It was quite delicious - we've eaten it the last two nights, and there's enough for another meal still! Go us!

Stew Ingredients:
diced tomatoes
yellow onion
caraway seeds
bay leaf
salt, pepper, water

*by "whipped up," I mean "spent two hours cooking after spending an hour at both Trader Joe's and Safeway looking for all the ingredients."

stew, night one: spatzen stew

stew, night two: addition of baguette


  1. The full recipe is scribbled in The Boy's pocket notebook...but it went something like this:

    *cut beef and onion into "stew-sized" pieces, put in big pot with a little butter, cook until onions are translucent and beef is browning

    *add tomatoes and salt/pepper, a little bit of flour (left that out of the ingredients list, oops) a little bit of water to cover the meat, cook on low for 30 min uncovered

    *add carrots and turnip (and bay leaf and caraway, bring to boil, cook on low for 1 hour, covered, stirring occasionally. add a little more flour as needed to thicken it. you can also add a beef bouillon cube if it's not flavorful enough, but ours was ok without.

    i think that was it!

    oh, there was paprika at some point...i think at the same time as the salt/pepper. all measurements for spices were done by The Boy, so i don't remember what they were...i'm pretty sure it was 1 tsp of each.