Friday, January 2, 2009

Baking Bread!

The lovely Reed and I baked honey wheat oatmeal bread today. Well, she taught me, which means she did a lot of the work, but I stirred and kneaded and folded and spread the egg stuff and woo hoo. It looks delicious, and is based on this recipe from Epicurious. Pictures below (please ignore the bad quality of the pictures - I had to take my camera to the shop today and took these on my cell phone):

ball of dough before rising

ball of dough, after rising

dough in pans, before rising

dough in pans, after rising, and with egg rinse and oatmeal


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  1. Just started baking bread myself, and it is awesome. There's something really, seriously triumphant about seeing it double in size and come out all perfectly shaped and smelling like yeast. Congrats!