Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I hope everyone out there has a chance to watch the Inauguration events today, whether you attended in person, watched it at work, or recorded it somehow to watch later. I'm sure every media source is streaming or posting videos all day long, so if you missed any of the action, it shouldn't be hard to find! And the official website of the White House, www.whitehouse.gov, has been updated. What a great day for America!

Aretha's performance of My Country Tis of Thee made me teary, despite the cheesy montage. Watch it here if you missed it. CBS News also has a lot of content if you're bored at work or tired of studying. And, um, also...I love that Malia was taking pictures the whole time...I'm sure those will get published in a book at some point.

The Boy took this picture on the UC Berkeley campus this morning

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