Saturday, January 31, 2009

Washer/Dryer: Purchased

Well, I officially feel like a grown up. Today, I purchased my first washer/dryer. It's real. It's happening. After installation next Saturday, I will be able to wash my clothes. In my apartment. Holy cow. Here's a picture of my cute little guy, which I bought at the Sears Outlet store in Hayward. Full story below, but feel free to skip to the end if you don't want the boring details.

First, I tried the Airport Appliances Liquidation Event, where I had heard they had them for $699. They did not have what I needed (24-inches wide, stacked/stackable, gas dryer). They referred me to their main store, where they also didn't have what I was looking for (though they said they could order it for me - apparently what I needed was special and rare or something). They did however, have free donuts. AND hot dogs (being grilled outside, with buns warmed in one of their demo ovens, served with sauerkraut and pickles in addition to the usual ketchup, mustard, relish). AND fresh-baked cookies (baked in a demo oven). These folks know what they're doing. The saleswoman was very helpful and knew her stuff, but I didn't feel quite right paying $1060.00 + $79.95 delivery + $17 for the extra tubes or pipes or whatever. I wanted to keep looking, and told her I think I saw it cheaper at Sears. She said she used to work at Sears, and if it was cheaper there, she totally understood me buying it there.

Soooo we went to the Sears Outlet (hooray for seeing the outlet before going into the main store), where I found two stacked 24-inch gas washer/dryer units. One was used-but-tested, for $790.00. The other, brand new, for $870.00. Both had cosmetic damages (a few small scratches here and there), but the used one had a broken lint trap that was also very disgusting (grimy, dirty, grossness). I ended up going with the brand new one. Figured it was worth the $80 to have everything fully functional and clean, right? Right.

After adding in delivery/installation and the neccessary accoutrements (dryer vent, gas connector, etc), the grand total was around $1,100.00 The same as one month's rent. But it was much cheaper buying it at the outlet for $870.00 instead of online for $999.99 or at Airport Appliance for $1060.00 or wherever it sells at the list price of $1249.99.

OOF. It's a lot of money. But it's worth it. This is the unit I ended up with, and I can't wait to get started using it. I requested delivery/installation for next Saturday, and am now just waiting to get confirmation from the delivery/installation company. I hope it sticks and everything goes smoothly...I have a lot of laundry to do! :-)


  1. wow, that's a real big-girl purchase. I was proud when I got my very own electric kettle—doesn't hold a candle to your very own washer/dryer unit! I did get new lenses for my glasses though! Hoo-ray for getting rid of the welding burn! It's amazing. I put them on and could see flat out, right off. The crispness of detail! the freedom from glare! and I don't have to look through or around the spots where I got sprayed with battery acid!

    I didn't know dryers used gas. Does it have a pilot light?

  2. I don't know, actually. I just know that it uses the gas to heat the dryer instead of using electricity (which would require a big fancy 240v outlet, which I do not have). I guess it must? Or maybe somehow it just uses the gas? I am not the expert, which is why I am shelling out the extra $24 for installation (instead of just delivery). Heck, I had to ask someone how the water gets from the faucets in the wall to the washing machine! It was a mystery to me...DUH the water just stays "on" or "open" the whole time and the machine starts and stops the flow...but that *actually* works is beyond me. I think I'll have to see it installed to believe it.