Friday, February 6, 2009

Cutest. Printer. Ever.

Ok, so I am about to cement in your minds just what a huge dork I am. But I don't care.

I was tasked with printing magnets at work today, and oh-em-gee it was so much fun. I know, I am a huge dork. That's ok. I "designed" the magnets (which were basically boxes with words in them, nothing fancy, but I did get to make some of them have colors. oooh.), and then printed them on magnet sheets. Using the Cutest. Printer. Ever.

I know. It's ridiculous to get this excited about a printer. But it's so tiny! And cute! And precious! It's barely over 12" wide, and seriously, if you could see this thing you would know how cute it is. I am seriously tempted to take a picture of it with a little stuffed animal perched on it to prove and enhance the cuteness. No joke. It's that cute. Plus, it printed super-high quality magnets very quickly. Love it. I want to print more magnets! All magnets all the time! I'm a magnet printing machine! No wait, this printer is actually the magnet printing machine. But I might just be in love.

That is all.

I love you, little printer.

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