Sunday, February 22, 2009


So far, the Oscars are really wonderful. They always say it's going to be new and different - but for the first time, I really do think they've changed the event. It truly is a celebration of the art of filmmaking, and of the collaboration that is so necessary in creating great films.

Hilarious presenters (which I'm very glad they kept secret - Tina Fey and Steve Martin was a tremendous surprise!), a wonderful new concept for the design (both music and sets, which harken back to the nightclubs of the 1940's, including wonderful new arrangements of classic film themes), and starting the night off with 5 wonderful women presenting the award that they all had once won, and welcoming a new member into the club of women who have won Best Supporting Actress...Ah. Now this is what Hollywood should be.


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  1. I totally agree. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought Hugh Jackman was just enough showman without taking over the event - I loved the "Craigslist dancers". The whole evening felt intimate, with the seats right up to the stage. And the stage was beautiful without being confusing. And the personal reading of the nominees was very special. I was nearly in tears listening to Shirley MacLaine talk about Anne Hathaway.