Monday, March 23, 2009

Bracket Update

Well, my unconventional method of picking my 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket hasn't *quite* paid off. Yet. I'm told there is still a chance for me, though my online bracket is showing more red (and strikethroughs) than green at the moment. I've correctly picked only 26 out of the first 48 games, and I am still in last place. I'll let you all know how my bracket turns out (because I know you're dying to know) - so far, North Carolina is my only correct pick for the Final Four, but Obama picked them too, so maybe I'm not all wrong.

However, readers of the California Golden Blogs seem to be supportive of my quest (to...erm...fill out a bracket) - my little post had 10 recs and over 200 comments! Crazy! It's been requested that I write a recruiting post--apparently people like the "I'm just a girl who doesn't know about these things but I sure as heck am gonna try" angle. Once The Boy writes his official recruiting piece, perhaps I'll do a little research on the players he mentions and give it my own spin. And the date for the 2009 Women's Huddle has been announced (July 31!), so come August, there will be a delicious nugget of glory from we Women's Huddle Roundablers. You only have to wait 4.5 months! Isn't that exciting?


Anyway, it seems I've been afflicted by this so-called March Madness, and I'm having a grand old time. I think it would be pretty cool to beat someone in this little CGB pool, but even if I end up in last place, it will have been fun. Pass the onion dip, please!


  1. to be fair, i don't believe more than .18% of the comments are actually related to your post. particularly after they started in on Arrested Development. which is a good show that i should revisit. i missed season 2 when y'all had it 'cos i was working late.

  2. Sadly, that's the way comments tend to be on that blog...sometimes amusing, mostly tangential.

  3. But tangential comments till count as comments. Congrats on the 200 comment mark, it's still a good achievement!

    And congrats on getting 26 of 48 games. I think that's good, too. It's (just) over 50%.