Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The No Excuses List Update

On the first day of my Unemployment, I wrote a post about how I planned to use the time. And since I'm hitting the one month mark (my last day at Pixar was one month ago today), I thought I'd check in and update you all on my progress (job-related and otherwise). In the last month, I've applied for 23 jobs and interviewed at 1 company. Yeah, it's tough out there. However, I just had my second round of interviews at said company, and am keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want to jinx it by saying too much, so I'll just say that I'm really excited about the potential in this job, and I hope it works out!

As for the "No Excuses - You're Unemployed" list, here's a little update:

  • give myself a pedicure - Done!
  • READ - I am making great use of the library!
  • watch more Food Network and try new recipes - Made this great chard recipe, some awesome monchong, and omg the cookies.
  • fix my broken shoe rack - You should see the duct tape action.
  • deal with my "office" area - It's organized and cleaned, and I threw away 2 trash bags full of stuff. Still looking for a free/supercheap file cabinet.
  • wash sheets, towels/bathmat, duvet cover - They are fluffy and clean!
  • re-pot plants - They are re-potted and happy.
  • take my laptop to the Apple store - Done! Now I just have to wait for my mom to send me the installation CD so I can reinstall the OS. Fun!
Not So Done...
  • deep-clean the bathroom - Still procrastinating this one...This morning, I decided it really needs to happy soon though.
  • (finally) sort through the box under my keyboard - Erm...this isn't going so well. This is a case of "someone come hang out with me while I do it"
  • bake bread - Haven't had the motivation yet, but maybe this week. I need to pick up some cheap tin bread pans first.
  • go through and get rid of some books - This still needs to happen...why is it so hard to part with books?
  • empty the bag-o-snacks - This is embarrassing.
  • put away bags in living room - Done, mostly.
  • earthquake straps - This is more intimidating than I thought it would be. Anyone want to help me with it?

So, I've done pretty well so far, but not well enough! Checking in with myself, and through the public publishing of el blog is reminding me that I need to hold myself accountable. So come on, Kim! Kick it into gear! Fight the Unemployment Sloth and Get Things Done!


  1. Not well enough? Girl, you've accomplished over half your list in a month. Holy crap. Good job.

    Re: bread baking - unless you want Wonder Bread-perfect loaves, you don't need bread tins. You can use a cookie sheet. I make a garlic-parm bread (2 loaves, actually) whenever I want something special to go with spaghetti and I'm stuck at home with a pre-schooler, so I can't exactly run to the store whenever I want. It's easy and both loaves bake on a cookie sheet.

  2. Thanks! :-)

    Would you be willing to share your garlic-parm recipe? Sounds delish! I'll have to try the cookie sheet method. Sounds much easier for clean-up too...

  3. You really don't need to empty the should just consume them. Oh and I've wanted to attempt a Sourdough starter for a while. Mmmmm.

  4. hehe yes. I should just consume them. Too bad it's mostly of Clif bars...don't really want to eat 'em all at once!

  5. Good luck on the job front!

    We have a lot of the same to-do's. Cleaning out the books and deep-cleaning the bathroom are things I've been working on for months myself!