Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Time?

I have wanted to grow a little garden for some time now, and after reading these posts from Crazy Aunt Purl and Lovely Little Things, I'm feeling inspired. I'd like to grow tomatoes and maybe some sort of squash in addition to an herb garden in my window box (which currently, sadly, contains dead plants at the moment). I would really like to use the small patio space I have for this, so that I don't have to always go down the stairs to check on my garden...although that might just be supreme laziness on my part. I might need to step it up and go down the stairs, because the top of the stairs is not all that spacious.

The plan is to head to a nursery and tell them about my crazy, over-sunny yard and see what they suggest. My basil tends to live a pretty short life, and the lemon verbena and oregano died quickly as well, and I don't want my tomatoes to suffer the same fate. I've thought about getting a little umbrella to clip on to the edge of the window box just to protect them from the direct rays of the sun. Is that crazy?

Any thoughts or suggestions on starting a small garden in an even smaller space with bright and direct sunlight all day long are much appreciated :)


  1. I think the umbrella is a great idea! I'm dying to add a window box as well, but have no idea how to do that from scratch!

  2. My dad bought me the window box itself, and I had my friend Kristen help me screw it into the wall. So far, as far as plants grow, all I've done is buy potted herbs and stick them in the window box (in their pots). This didn't work so well, but I have yet to figure out another solution.

    A) I have to climb into the kitchen sink to reach the box well enough and
    B) If they die and I have to un-plant them, it will be a big hassle to scoop the dirt out and such. Just not sure how that works when you're leaning out a 2nd story window, sitting in a sink.